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Following Sarawak minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s support for SUPP’s proposal to ban Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang from the state for his derogatory remarks about Christian missionaries, it appears that Hadi will most likely and soon be added to the Sarawak list of unwelcomed persons.

It is not a surprise that Hadi Awang has been severely criticized on his absurd claims that Christian missionaries brought their work to Malaysia only after experiencing failure in the West and that they spread their religion by baiting their targets with money and other forms of aid.

Hadi’s remarks are shocking, baseless and provocative and totally unacceptable and can even cause religious mistrust and hatred.

However, two wrongs don’t make a right. Hadi should be castigated and continue to be severely criticized, but it will not be right to ban him from Sarawak. Continue Reading »

PETALING JAYA: Minister Wee Ka Siong has been accused of “playing with words” over the announcement that Public Service Department (JPA) scholarships for degree programmes have been suspended.

In a statement issued today, MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok took issue with Wee for a message he posted on Facebook last night denying he had said JPA had suspended government scholarships.

“I wish to advise Wee not to play with words but to focus his efforts to help resolve the plight faced by the students,” Kok said, adding that the fact remained that the scholarships had been suspended as reported and that several hundred students were now affected by the move.

She said the students and their parents were not interested in whether he had officially announced or confirmed the suspension but wanted instead to know what he would now do, in his capacity as minister, to help them. Continue Reading »

In his facebook posting last night, Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong denied saying the Public Service Department (JPA) has suspended government scholarships and that the matter was being studied by the department.

He said that he had not officially announced or confirmed the suspension.

I wish to advise Wee not to play with words but to focus his efforts to help resolve the plight faced by the students.

The fact of the matter is that the scholarship has suspended and as reported, several hundred students have been affected.

The affected students and their parents are not interested in whether Wee did officially announce or confirm the suspension, but they want to know what he, as a Minister, will do to help them. Continue Reading »


PETALING JAYA: In a series of media releases, DAP and its youth wing Dapsy have come out strongly in protest of the government’s decision to suspend scholarships for the Public Service Department’s (JPA) degree programmes and bursaries by the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) pre-university courses.

DAP Vice-Chairperson, Teresa Kok said education was important in building the nation’s talents and that slashing funds in the sector was unacceptable.

The Seputeh MP also pointed out that this came at a time when the government had set its sights on achieving a high-income and developed nation status, and efforts to build and retain talents must be sustained, if not doubled.

“With the scholarship suspension, Malaysians must ask if the government is serious in building and retaining talent.”

Kok added that irrespective of solutions to be discussed by Cabinet, there must not be any retraction of approved scholarships and bursaries.

Continue Reading »

After some students’ plight have been reported in Sin Chew Daily two days ago, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Wee Ka Siong raised the issue in yesterday’s Cabinet meeting and confirmed the government’s of scholarships by the Public Service Department (JPA) for degree programmes, and bursaries by the Ministry of Education (MoE) for pre-university courses.

The suspension, which has come a shock to many students and parents, is unreasonable and unacceptable.

Education plays the most important role of building the nation’s talents; it is certainly unacceptable that education sector has become the prioritized target for severe slash in funding.

At a time when the government is talking about the goals of achieving high income status and developed nation, all efforts to build and retain talents must be sustained, if not doubled. With the scholarship suspension, Malaysians must ask if the government is serious in building and retaining talent.
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I just came out of the wake of Bernard Then at the funeral parlour of St Francis Xavier Church at Petaling Jaya. Bernard is the Sarawakian who was kidnapped and beheaded by Abu Sayaff terrorists.

I felt so sorrowful to see his ashes which was placed next to his photograph. I expressed my condolences to his family members and prayed with them, all of us ended up sobbing and crying when we held hands and prayed together.

As the country is falling into the fear of terror attack after the bombing which has happened in Jakarta, I have been praying against all forms of terrorism in Malaysia. It is heart-breaking that Bernard Then was tortured and killed in this manner. Continue Reading »

I attended the funeral mass of Bernard Then at St Francis Xavier Church at Petaling Jaya today..

I am glad that a few elected reps like Stephen Wong (Sandakan), Jimmy Wong (KK), Steven Sim (Bukit Mertajam), Kasthuri Patto (Batu Kawan), Hannah Yeoh (Subang Jaya) and other colleagues made time to attend the mass, because our presence is a statement against terror attack of Abu Sayaff terrorist group, as well as a show of concern and solidarity with the family members of Bernard Then.

I was unable to recite certain prayer and sing certain hymns during the mass as I was very sorrowful. I felt more sad when I saw Bernard’s father and wife crying when they walked out of the sanctuary.

I prayed that Bernard will rest in peace with the Almighty God in heaven. I also prayed for God’s love, peace and comfort to come upon all his family members. May God’s light dispel the terrorist darkness out of Sabah and our country, Malaysia. Continue Reading »

It’s education and democracy, not “nonsensical laws” that can tackle terrorism, said Amanah president Mohamad Sabu.

“Stop terrorism with education, democracy and so on.

“There’s no need to enact new laws. The old acts were nonsense. The Sedition Act is nonsense too,” Mohamad told reporters at the DAP retreat in Subang Jaya today.

The government had, in the past, dealt with security threats using the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The ISA has since been replaced with various legislations, including the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota), the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma), and most recently, the National Security Council bill.

The government has said that security laws such as Pota and NSC empower the government to handle terrorism. Continue Reading »

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