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Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, this is the day for the Christians to mourn for the death of Jesus Christ, and to do reflections and to repent from our sins and wrong doings.

I will spend some time to pray for the nation which is in the mess now, and pray for the broken-hearted family members of the victims of terror attack.

May the Peace of God come upon us.

This answer tells us that the federal government has only built 436 houses for the Kelantan flood victims so far, 1,391 households are still waiting for houses…


TARIKH : 23 MAC 2016 ( RABU )

YB Puan Teresa Kok Suh Sim [ Seputeh ] minta PERDANA MENTERI menyatakan bilangan rumah yang telah siap dibuat oleh Kerajaan pusat kepada mangsa banjir di Kelantan setakat Januari 2016. Sila nyatakan kos perbelanjaan untuk membuat rumah yang terlibat dan bilangan keluarga mangsa banjir yang masih menunggu rumah. Continue Reading »

KINIGUIDE Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his bungalow have been hitting the news for the last week.

How did it start, what do we know and what don’t we know?

Malaysiakini sifts through the noise and puts together a brief guide on the Jalan Pinhorn bungalow row.

The allegation

Tasek Gelugor MP Shahbudin Yahaya of Umno last Thursday dropped a bombshell in Parliament, insinuating that Lim was involved in corruption.

Shahbudin accused Lim of purchasing a bungalow from Phang Li Koon at below the market price. Which isn’t all that serious, nor a crime.But what made the allegation serious was that Shahbudin linked it to the state’s government sale of land in Taman Manggis to a private company in 2012, which BN also claimed was sold at below the market price.

If a chief minister indeed gets a bungalow at a cheap price, in exchange for selling state land at a cheap price, then there likely is a case for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate.

But, are there any merits to allegation in Lim’s case? Malaysiakini will explore this shortly.

Let’s look at the Taman Manggis land first, because the bungalow in isolation is not an issue. Continue Reading »

The Statutory Declaration Was Made By Ms. Phang On 22.3.2016 Out Of Her Own Free Will And Not Through Despicable Means As Alleged By Minister For Housing And Local Government And BN’s Director of Strategic Communications, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan
YAB Lim Guan Eng’s purchase of a bungalow in George Town last year was solely on a ‘willing buyer-willing seller’ basis between him and Ms. Phang Li Koon. This private transaction however, has since been alleged by Tasek Gelugor’s Member of Parliament, Datuk Shabudin Yahaya in Parliament as being linked to the sale of the Taman Manggis land to a third party. Since then, YAB’s invitation to Datuk Shabudin Yahaya for him to repeat his accusations beyond the comfort of Parliament’s legal immunity and to be present for a public debate in KOMTAR on 20.3.2016 and to be scrutinised based on facts and figures, was unsurprisingly declined.
This was followed by Ms. Phang’s initiative in affirming a Statutory Declaration on 22.3.2016 which confirmed, among others, the following salient facts (“Ms. Phang’s SD”) –

Continue Reading »

Saya tidak hairan melihat PAS dan Umno berganding bahu, mendesak saya supaya bercuti sementara siasatan oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) terhadap dakwaan rasuah BN ke atas saya berkenaan pembelian kediaman berusia 30 tahun saya dan penjualan tanah kerajaan di Taman Manggis. Desakan ini adalah jelas bermotifkan politik. Kedua-dua BN dan PAS tidak membuat desakan yang sama kepada Perdana Menteri untuk bercuti, ketika Perdana Menteri didapati memiliki derma tunai USD700 juta atau Rm2.6 bilion di dalam akaun peribadinya.
Saya sentiasa menjalankan pentadbiran yang bersih di Pulau Pinang mengikut prinsip urustadbir CAT (Cekap, Akauntabel, Telus). Salah satu langkah integriti utama iala melaksanakan tender terbuka, suatu langkah yang mengundang pujian terhadap kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang daripada Transparency International. Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang sewajarnya bangga dengan urustadbir yang bersih daripada rasuah.

Continue Reading »

My question to Tan Sri Adenan: “How many more oppositionists will be banned before you feel confident you can win big in the coming Sarawak state election? ”

Yesterday, Parti Amanah Negara president Mohamad Sabu was banned from entering Sarawak. His ban is an addition to the list of oppositionists who have been banned from entry into Sarawak.

The ban has further proven that the Sarawak chief minister Tan Sri Adenan is a pseudo reformist though he has been trying to portray himself as a reformist. The ban also shows Adenan’s unwillingness to fight the opposition fair and square in the coming general election.

I want to ask Adenan a question: “How many more oppositionists will be banned before you feel confident you can win big in the coming Sarawak state election? ” Continue Reading »

It was reported in today’s Sin Chew Daily that the deputy Defence Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharom had said that the PLKN 2.0 (National Service Training Programme) which was suspended for one year and had resumed this year would only tentatively be conducted for one year only.

He said that the National service Training Council will decide when to resume the programmed in accordance with the future estimates and allocation of the Finance Ministry.

What Johari has said is that the PLKN is likely to stop after 2016. Continue Reading »

Exco Member Phee Boon Poh has read out the Statutory Declaration by Phang Li Koon with relation to the house no. 25, Pinhorn Road, Penang.

In para 12 of the Statutory Declaration dated Mac 22, 2016, Phang Li Koon stated :

I do not understand why my agreement to selling the house to CM has been blown up to such a big national issue when I have no business dealings with the state government by selling the house to him. It is my decision at what price I want to sell to the CM. I stress that I was not pressured or forced or under any undue influence by CM or any party to sell the house to CM at RM2.8 million. I sold at my own free will on a willing buyer and willng seller basis.

Para 13. I also wish to clarify that I am not a director nor shareholder of KLIDC company which has sucessfully bid for the Taman Manggis land under an open tender. I am also not involved in the management of the company. I reserve my right to legal action against any party should they try to make unnecessary connection to the complicate the matter and drag me into this controversy.

FULL DECLARATION below : Continue Reading »

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