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I am glad that the Attorney General has finally dropped or withdrawn the sedition charge against me this morning at the KL Sessions. At the outset, this charge ought not have been preferred against me. Inter alia, many civil society organisations including Human Rights Watch (HRW) have condemned and expressed grave concern and demanded that the charge against me be dropped many times before but it was deliberately ignored by the AG. I have consistently maintained that I should not have been charged in the first place as clearly there was no justifiable basis. My right to freedom of speech was violated when I was charged on 6.5.2014.

It is also crystal clear that the gig in the video clip is purely a satire and was innocuous and harmed no one or any section of our community in Malaysia and hence NOT SEDITIOUS.

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DAP MPs together with MPs of PKR and Amanah today expressed sympathy and solidarity over the killing of civilians in Paris by ISIS few days ago by signing the condolences book at the French Embassy.

The delegation was led by the opposition leader of the Parliament, Datin Seri Wan Azizah.

We were received by the ambassador of French embassy, H. E. Christophe Penot.

I was told that the Opposition leader had invited PAS MPs to join the visit, however, none of them joined us.

The decision of PAS for not voting against the Federal Budget last night, and their absence in the visit to French embassy today made me wonder why some PKR MPs still insist to include PAS in the political coalition.

Hari ini saya menyertai perbahasan dalam bajet peringkat jawatankuasa Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Perbahasan pada peringkat ini membolehkan Ahli Parlimen untuk membahas isu yang spesifik tentang sesuatu kementerian. Isu-isu yang saya bangkitkan adalah seperti berikut:

Butiran 050000 Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)
Saya ingin tanya tentang Indeks Syariah Malaysia yang dilancarkan oleh Perdana Menteri pada Februari tahun ini, yang mana kerajaan akan beri penilaian syariah dalam 8 bidang: Penghakiman, Politik, Ekonomi, Kesihatan, Pendidikan, Budaya, Infrastruktur, Alam-sekitar dan Sosial.

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Vote on Budget 2016

Today is the last day for the cabinet ministers to reply to our policy speeches. At the end of the day, we have to cast vote on the budget 2016. We in the opposition bench called for division or vote counting. The voting results is 128 votes that support the budget vs 74 votes against the budget.

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Today DAP Women’s section has successfully organized its first national congress. Although I am not holding any position in DAP Wanita, I am happy to see the quorum of the congress was met and there were not enough chairs for the delegates and observers.

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Saya merasa marah dan kesal melihat perbuatan gila blogger Alvin Tan yang menghina dan mengotorkan Al-Quran. Perbuatan yang mengejikan ini telah menyakiti hati kesemua umat Islam dan juga umat bukan Islam.

Kepada umat Islam, saya mesti tegaskan bahawa perbuatan Alvin Tan tidak mewakili kaum Cina dan kaum bukan Islam, kerana tiada umat bukan Islam yang waras akan melakukan perkara yang keji tersebut.

Perbuatan gila Alvin Tan ini yang merosakkan keharmonian masyarakat majmuk kita. Dia juga telah memalukan Malaysia.

Justeru itu, saya menyeru kesemua pemilik facebook memanjangkan aduan berkenaan perbuatan keji Alvin Tan kepada pentadbiran facebook, kerana kelakuan Alvin Tan bercanggah dengan jiwa dan prinsip Facebook.

Today the DAP leaders had a press conference to launch the campaign of “Pantang Undur”: Kempen Solidariti Bersama Kit Siang”. I am the campaign committee chairperson. We are going to have series of programmed to protest against the suspension of Lim Kit Siang from attendinf the parliament sitting and to spread the message of RM2.6 billion of the so-called political donation into the personal account of Najib.

Below is my comments in the press conference:—

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Hari Deepavali 2015

Hari ini adalah Hari Deepavali. Saya menghadiri rumah terbuka Deepavali Ganabatirau, Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Saya jumpa ramai rakan dan penyokong DAP di rumah terbuka tersebut.

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