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Just minutes after opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy conviction was upheld on Tuesday, the Prime Minister's Office issued a statement declaring the independence of the judiciary. – The Malaysian Insider pic, February 12, 2015.

The statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) just minutes after the Federal Court found opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim guilty of sodomy on Tuesday is disrespectful and a blatant tampering of the due legal and judicial process, DAP said.

Its veteran parliamentary leader, Lim Kit Siang, said the “lightning quick” statement had gravely sullied the credibility, independence and professionalism of Malaysian judiciary.

The statement that defended the Federal Court’s decision to uphold Anwar’s sodomy conviction and five-year jail sentence, he said, came before the completion of the Federal Court judicial process.

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FreeMalaysia Today – 11 Feb 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is in the international doghouse again over the rule of law, democracy and human rights, a terrible ordeal for the country after it recently secured a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council and was elected as chairman of Asean.

“The 5-0 unanimous decision of the Federal Court on Tuesday in rejecting Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal was a disservice to Malaysia’s international reputation and its Vision 2020 for developed nation status,” said DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang.

He was lamenting the fact that Anwar will be 72 years before he is released. “He will be disqualified from holding elective office for another five years after his release, unless the Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) government is toppled in the 14th General Election.”

The unprecedented statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, minutes after Chief Justice Ariffin Zakaria announced the court’s unanimous rejection of Anwar’s appeal, but before sentencing had been announced, added Lim, only escalated national and international doubts about whether there was true independence of the Judiciary and rule of law in the country.

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Malaysiakini – 10 Feb 2015

Questions abound on whether the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had prior knowledge to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s guilty verdict after it issued a statement commenting on the Federal Court’s decision even before his sentencing.

The PMO had released the statement within minutes after the Federal Court announced its decision to uphold Anwar’s guilty verdict.

When the court reconvened after a short break to decide on Anwar’s sentence, the Permatang Pauh MP raised this matter before the five-member bench.

“It is not a coincidence how the PM was able to release a full written statement on your decision barely minutes after you handed your judgment today, even before sentencing,” he said.

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Yesterday, Sarawak state tourism Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg said that any individual seen as a threat to Sarawak’s racial and religious harmony will be barred from entering the state, regardless of their political affiliations.

He said the Sarawak government has drawn up a “lengthy” list of individuals from the peninsula who are banned from entering the east Malaysian state for a variety of reasons.
As I have been banned from entering Sarawak since last year without being informed of the reason, I challenge Abang Johari to reveal why I have been banned.

I categorically deny that I have ever made any speech or carried out and activity that has threatened Sarawak’s racial and religious harmony. Neither do I have any such a plan.

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Public Accounts Committee chairman, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed criticised fellow Umno member, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob's racial statementl to boycott Chinese businesses. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, February 7, 2015.

Umno minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s call to boycott Chinese businesses in order to force down the prices of goods in baseless and not rooted in facts, said Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, a fellow Umno MP.

The Public Accounts Committee chairman said it was wrong for a cabinet minister to speak along racial lines as it would impact the thinking of people.

“What Ismail Sabri said was not based on facts, now he is saying he did not say it, the top leadership needs to make a strong stand on this,” Nur Jazlan said in Kuala Lumpur today.

Nur Jazlan, the Pulai MP, also said he was disappointed with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for not issuing a stern statement against Ismail, who is the agriculture and agro-based industries minister.
“I am upset that the prime minister did not issue a stern statement against what Ismail said, instead he supported him on the matter,” he said.

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Sabah Government’s ban on me from entering Sabah is a clear abuse of the state immigration powers.

Although it has the power to excise banning people from entry into Sabah, this cannot be an absolute power where it can be used without any valid grounds.

As I was already banned from entry into Sarawak since last year, yesterday’s ban by Sabah government means that I cannot now travel to the two eastern states which are parts of my own country.

Till today, I was never told why I was banned from Sarawak. When I was denied entry into Sabah upon arrival at Sandakan airport from KLIA2 yesterday, I was also not told the reason why I was banned.

Under the Malaysia agreement, both Sabah and Sarawak were given the autonomy over immigration power, but the original intention for the relevant provision was for economic protection of the two states, that is, to prevent the influx of economic migrants who will threaten the locals’ jobs.

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KOTA KINABALU, Feb 4 — DAP today demanded the Sabah government explain the decision to prevent federal lawmaker Teresa Kok from entering the state this morning.

Deputy chairman of the state chapter Stephen Wong said that there was no grounds to bar her from entering the state as she has no record of wrongdoing there.

“Is she a terrorist or doing crime in Sabah? Apparently it is political suppression against her and exploiting her right as a citizen, I demand the Sabah state government to explain why is this happening? ” said Wong in a statement here today.

Kok was stopped by immigration officers at the Sandakan airport here when her flight arrived at 3.05pm. She was told she was banned from entering the state and sent back to Kuala Lumpur on the same aircraft at 3.30pm without negotiation.

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Hari ini, saya naik kapal terbang Air Asia dari KLIA2 ke Sandakan. Saya tiba di Sandakan pada lebih kurang 3 petang. Bila saya tunjukkan kad pengenalan saya di kaunter imigresen, saya diminta pergi ke pejabat imigresen selepas mereka semak komputer. Saya dibawa untuk berjumpa seorang pegawai wanita yang memakai tag nama “DG Maimunah”. Beliau memberitahu saya bahawa saya dilarang masuk ke Sabah.

Saya tanya sebab larangan tersebut, tetapi tiada jawapan diberi. Saya kemudian panggil Stephen Wong, Ahli Parlimen DAP di Sandakan yang sambut saya di lapangan terbang Sandakan untuk datang ke pejabat imigresen. Beliau dan pembantunya masuk dan tanya pegawai imigresen sebab saya dilarang masuk, Puan DG Maimunah hanya kata ini adalah arahan daripada Kerajaan Negeri Sabah.

Saya kemudian dihantar balik ke kapal terbang Air Asia yang saya naik dari KLIA2 dan bertolak balik ke Kuala Lumpur pada 3.20pm.

Inilah layanan Kerajaan BN Sabah kepada saya. Saya tidak diberitahu oleh kerajaan Negeri Sabah tentang larangan kemasukan sebelum ini, dan saya bazir 6 jam berulang-alik KL dan Sandakan dalam kapal terbang yang sama.

Selama ini, DAP yang selalu membangkitkan perjanjian 20 perkara di antara Sabah dan Kerajaan Persekutuan yang mana termasuk kuasa imigresen. Saya tidak pernah mengutarakan apa-apa kenyataan yang menjejaskan orang Sabah, tetapi sebaliknya saya memperjuangkan hak dan kebajikan orang Sabah, khususnya isu yang berkaitan anak negeri di kawasan pedalaman Sabah.

Layanan dan tindakan Kerajaan Sabah terhadap saya adalah amat tidak adil, tidak munasabah dan bersifat kuku besi. Ia memang bercanggah dengan dasar dan slogan “1Malaysia” yang dilaung-laungkan oleh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional.


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