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Pakatan: Development projects in KL have become unbearable

Opposition coalition says FT Ministry and DBKL have deliberately not gazetted 2020 KL City Plan, leading to uncontrolled developments in the city. KUALA LUMPUR: Uncontrolled developments have reached a level that is “unbearable” for Kuala Lumpur citizens. This was stated in the Federal Territories (FT) Pakatan Harapan resolutions revealed at its convention here today. Seputeh […]

Konvensyen Pertama Pakatan Harapan Wilayah Persekutuan di Hotel Maluri di Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Pagi ini, Pakatan Harapan Wilayah Persekutuan berjaya mengadakan Konvensyen pertamanya di Hotel Maluri di Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Konvensyen ini dihadiri oleh pemimpin dan perwakilan daripada Keadilan, DAP, Amanah dan PPBM. Konvensyen ini meluluskan 6 resolusi seperti berikut:- Resolusi Konvensyen Pakatan Harapan Wilayah Persekutuan 23 April 2017, Bilik Teratai 4, Hotel Maluri di Taman Maluri Cheras […]

Dear friends in KL, please come to this seminar, and discuss about the mess of city planning in KL now. Please bring your friends and neighbours to the forum too