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Chaos happened during NothingToHide2.0

We condemn violence which broke out in a peaceful forum. Police must take action on the guy who created violence.

Jangan buang masa tonton filem ‘bodoh’ menjelang Merdeka, kata Zaid

Filem dilakonkan Ahmad Tamimi Siregar itu mengundang kontroversi selepas trailer yang muat dengan propaganda anti-DAP.

101 East – Malaysia’s Migrant Money Trail

嘉玛投报雪州基金遭挪用 反贪会查郭素沁办公室索文件

Thanks for all the care and concern of you all on the investigation of MACC on the alleged abuse of the SMUE fund. This video clip tells you what has transpired today. 😬 Jamal Yunus’s complaint is a waste of MACC’s man hour. MACC should counter sue him for false accusations.

KiniTalk: Teresa Kok on gutter politics and true leadership

By KiniTv Feb 12, 2014 Seputeh MP Teresa Kok talks to KiniTV’s Prasadh Michael about having fun, receiving threats and enduring the worst of what Malaysian politics has to offer.

By KiniNews Feb 5, 2014 DAP vice-president Teresa Kok lodged a police report today for harassment after posting a satirical video online for Chinese New Year. She says over the past week, she has been bombarded with disturbing phone calls and text messages from strangers.

My “Onederful” Malaysia CNY 2014 Video Clip

Dear friends, I present to you the Cantonese/Mandarin (with English subtitles) Chinese New Year 2014 video clip. The filming took one day while the post production took one week. I salute those who work in filming and advertising industry as this industry is very time consuming. I am thankful to each and everyone who have […]

Tips for Personal Safety Video Clips (Citizen Against Crime Forum 24-9-2013)