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Trip to Mongolia Last Month

In my trip to Mongolia last month, I was very impressed to see how Mongolian train up their kids.

“Ger” in Mongolia

When I travelled in the countryside of Mongolia, I stayed in “hotel” in the form of Mongolian tent (or “ger” in Mongolian language) camp site in the tourist attraction areas, meaning in the areas which have most beautiful scenery.

The Nomad’s “Ger” in Mongolia

I read about nomads when I was in primary school. I now have deeper understanding on the lives of the nomads after traveling to Mongolia.

Visitation to Genghis Khan Statue Complex

Most people have learnt about Mongolia from the history subject in school. We learnt about the invasion of Xiong Nu (凶奴) into China, and of course also about the great warrior and emperor Genghis Khan who conquered many parts of the world, including Europe.