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Press conference outside Umno office ends in ruckus

Things get ugly during protest on high-density development project held in front of the Seputeh Umno office building where a wedding was taking place inside. KUALA LUMPUR: A press conference attended by DAP’s Teresa Kok outside a building occupied by Seputeh Umno here turned ugly when party supporters stormed out to disrupt it, saying the […]

Teresa Kok ‘crazy’ for protesting govt’s cheap homes for KL, minister says

The Resident Associations in Taman Desa and I protested against the approval of many high density projects in KL without following the land use stated in the KL Draft Plan. Tengku Adnan failed to answer our complaint but he accused me of afraid more Malays to move to my constituency. He is gila!! This is […]

Sidang akhbar di Jalan 3/109F di Taman Danau Desa, berdekatan dengan Bangunan UMNO Seputeh pada 11 Mac 2017, pagi Sabtu yang lepas.

Saya bersama dengan penduduk di Taman Desa telah mengadakan sidang akhbar di Jalan 3/109F di Taman Danau Desa, berdekatan dengan Bangunan UMNO Seputeh pada 11 Mac 2017, pagi Sabtu yang lepas. Tujuan sidang akhbar tersebut adalah untuk membantah DBKL dan Menteri WP menukarkan kegunaan tanah bagi tapak pusat khidmat masyarakat Seputeh ataupun pejabat UMNO Seputeh […]

Kok: I’m not crazy, I know what I’m doing

KUALA LUMPUR: “I am not crazy, I know what I’m doing.” This was Teresa Kok’s response to Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Mansor who had lashed out at her for staging a protest against plans to initiate the Federal Territories Affordable Housing scheme (Rumawip) in Taman Desa, which is under her Seputeh parliamentary constituency, on […]

CNY Walkabout at Old Klang Road Market

This morning I went to Old Klang Road morning market to do a walkabout with my party members. We distributed mandarin oranges and my new CNY calendars to everyone that we met in the market. This is my yearly CNY walkabout prior to Chinese New Year. I believe in giving new year blessings to the […]

The Market Place OUG Opening Ceremony

This morning, I went to the opening of The Market Place, a renovated market in OUG. The opening was officiated by Tengku Adnan, Minister of Federal Territory. In his speech, Tengku Adnan mentioned about photocopied license by some hawkers in OUG. He blamed this to the gangsters. He then claimed that he was a bigger […]

Visited two families who lost their houses through a fire outbreak

On December 20, a horrifying fire broke out at Old Klang Road and engulfed 25 squatter houses! I was told by the fire victims that most of the residents who stay in the houses that burnt down are migrant workers. Only five houses which burnt are the local Chinese. At at the moment, two families […]

Edaran Buah Kurma di Bazaar Ramadhan Sekitar Kawasan Parlimen Seputeh

Seperti bulan Ramadhan yang lepas, saya melawat pasar Ramadhan dan mengedarkan kurma kepada Muslimin dan Muslimat di pasar-pasar tersebut. Ramai orang Islam agak terkejut bila saya hulurkan kotak kurma kepada mereka, tapi mereka senyum dan terima kurma selepas itu. Ada penjaja yang ingin jemput saya minum dan makan tapi saya menolak kerana saya tak mahu […]

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