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(吉隆坡21日讯)随着武吉安曼防恐主任拿督阿育汉 他对于隆市政局是基于安全理由而取消2017年啤酒节 会毫不知情后,行动党全国副主席郭素沁质问马华总 会长廖中莱是否在拒绝啤酒节盛会的申请课题上撒谎 以堂而皇之的“安全理由”来力挺隆市政局拒绝啤 节盛会的申请?

DAP vice-chairman asks if Malaysia is ‘cash-rich’ enough to spend billions on planes and infrastructure development in the US. PETALING JAYA: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok has questioned Prime Minister Najib Razak’s financial commitments to the United States, asking if they were made in exchange for greater investments in turn from the US.

不放弃国家不等于认同马华和国阵治国, 批评政府施政不当不等于制造仇恨

(吉隆坡2日讯)行动党全国副主席郭素沁呼吁廖中莱 和蔡金星弄清楚 “不放弃国家不等于认同马华和国阵治国”和“批评 府施政不当不等于制造仇恨”这立场,不要藉廖中 的“国民”短片来玩弄字眼和自圆其说。

MOF explains why its sec-gen wears many hats

Besides being the country’s treasurer-general, Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah also has a role on the board of at least 20 government entities and government-linked companies (GLCs).

Walkabout in Bazaar Ramadhan in Mega Mendung in My Constituency

Residents fight DBKL to keep beloved football field

They lodge a report with anti-graft agency claiming the field was still gazetted as reserve land when it was sold to a property developer.

The Unity of the Rakyat to Reject Kleptocracy in Malaysia

I like this photo taken in the Seputeh DAP Fundraising Dinner on 29 April 2017 very much. Tun Mahathir and his wife raised the placard of #TolakKleptokrasi together with all the participants of the dinner ……This photo sympbolise the unity of the rakyat to reject Kleptocracy in Malaysia

Fundraising Dinner for the Seputeh Service Centre on 29 April 2017 at SJKC Yoke Nam at OUG

We have had a successful fundraising dinner for the Seputeh service centre on 29 April 2017 at SJKC Yoke Nam at OUG. We opened 120 tables that night, this is the maximum number of tables that can be fit in that hall. The speakers for the dinner were Tun Dr Mahathir, Liew Chin Tong, Dr […]

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