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PAS to contest 9 seats in FT

AMPANG: PAS will be gunning for 9 out of 13 parliamentary seats in the Federal Territory during the 14th general election.

PKR could gain PAS but lose friends and allies, warns analyst

PKR’s hand of friendship to PAS, offered in the hope of ensuring one-on-one fights between the opposition and Barisan Nasional, could cost PKR its seats in the next general election, Ilham Centre executive director Hisomuddin Bakar said.

PAS leaders in 3 states want freedom to work with Pakatan

PAS leaders in Kelantan, Selangor and Kedah are negotiating with the Islamist party’s top leadership to form electoral pacts with the Pakatan Harapan coalition in these states.

Azmin expressed support to me over the investigation of MACC on SMUE fund disbursement based on Jamal Yunus’ report

This morning I attended the Keadilan FT convention at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman Together with three other DAP MPs, namely Tan Kok Wai, Fong Kui Lun and Lim Lip Eng.

MACC investigation to the disbursement of SMUE fund is the dirty tactic of BN prior to GE14

Today MACC officers came to my service centre asking for SMUE (Skim Mesra Usia Emas) documents. Thanks to Jamal Yunus for his report to MACC earlier, so MACC officers have to act on his report and carry out investigation. SMUE is a welfare scheme for the bereavement of the Selangorian families by the Selangor state […]

Hwa Beng apologises to public after PKFZ scandal ends without culprit

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 — Former Port Klang Authority (PKA) chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng today apologised for launching investigations into the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal that today concluded without a single conviction. Lee, who was sacked by MCA in 2013, lamented that he only ended up “wasting public resources” in trying to […]

Difitnah seleweng dana YAWAS, Teresa Kok sedia saman Jamal

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 MAC: Naib Pengerusi DAP, Teresa Kok menjadi mangsa terbaru siri fitnah yang kini semakin diperhebat oleh konco-konco UMNO Barisan Nasional. Ketua Bahagian UMNO Sungai Besar, Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunus baru-baru ini menuduh Teresa sebagai kononnya menyeleweng wang ehsan Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor (YAWAS), sedangkan ia tidak benar sama sekali. Malah, laporan […]

Jawapan saya terhadap tuduhan palsu dan kekeliruan yang dibangkitkan oleh Jamal Yunus dan portal online berkenaan pemberian wang ehsan SMUE

Saya Pertimbangkan Untuk Mengambil Tindakan Mahkamah Terhadap Jamal Yunus dan Beberapa Portal Online Atas Tuduhan Palsu dan Fitnah Terhadap Saya Berkenaan Dengan Pemberian Wang Ehsan YAWAS ==============================================

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