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Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, this is the day for the Christians to mourn for the death of Jesus Christ, and to do reflections and to repent from our sins and wrong doings. I will spend some time to pray for the nation which is in the mess now, and pray for the broken-hearted family members […]

Will Deepa’s daughter be allowed to practise Hindu faith, asks Teresa

With the dust barely settled on the custody battle between Hindu mother S. Deepa and her Muslim convert ex-husband, many questions remain unanswered over the fate of their two children, DAP said today. The party’s vice chairperson Teresa Kok who described yesterday Federal Court decision as “disappointing overall” said that one poser now was whether […]

More Malaysians will suffer Deepa, Indira’s fate if constitution unamended, DAP MP says

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 — The Federal Constitution needs to be amended to avoid more Malaysians from suffering the fate of Hindu mothers M. Indira Gandhi and S. Deepa — who were both forced into long legal battles for custody of their children, DAP MP Teresa Kok said today. Despite the Federal Court’s ruling yesterday […]

Fearful of polls backlash, Sarawak PAS tells Hadi to hold inter-faith dialogue

Sarawak PAS commissioner Jofri Jaraiee has called on his party president to hold an inter-faith dialogue to clarify his derogatory statement on Christianity and missionaries in the state, ahead of the expected polls in March. Blaming the media for possible distortion to sensationalise the sensitive issue, Jofri said the best way to settle the matter […]

DAP demonised by those who fear GE14, says Kit Siang

KUALA LUMPUR: It is amusing and comical that Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali suffered sleepless nights after the DAP declared that it was not anti-Malay or anti- Islam, said suspended Gelang Patah MP in a statement. “He claimed to be shocked by the statement and said he could not sleep for 50 hours.” “Clearly, Ibrahim Ali […]

Perbahasan dalam bajet peringkat jawatankuasa Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

Hari ini saya menyertai perbahasan dalam bajet peringkat jawatankuasa Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Perbahasan pada peringkat ini membolehkan Ahli Parlimen untuk membahas isu yang spesifik tentang sesuatu kementerian. Isu-isu yang saya bangkitkan adalah seperti berikut: Butiran 050000 Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) —————————————————————————— Saya ingin tanya tentang Indeks Syariah Malaysia yang dilancarkan oleh Perdana Menteri pada […]

Pemilik Facebook Dicadang Membuat Aduan Kepada Pentadbir Facebook Supaya Facebook Alvin Tan Diharamkan Oleh Pentadbiran Facebook

Saya merasa marah dan kesal melihat perbuatan gila blogger Alvin Tan yang menghina dan mengotorkan Al-Quran. Perbuatan yang mengejikan ini telah menyakiti hati kesemua umat Islam dan juga umat bukan Islam. Kepada umat Islam, saya mesti tegaskan bahawa perbuatan Alvin Tan tidak mewakili kaum Cina dan kaum bukan Islam, kerana tiada umat bukan Islam yang […]

All Souls Day

Today is All Souls Day. This is the day for Christians to visit the graves of relatives and friends, and to pray for their souls. My family members and I had visited my grandma’s grave yesterday afternoon at the Cheras Christian cemetery. I went with my youngest brother Sam and his two kids. When we […]

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