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The courts do not have the final word in the Allah case, this contest will go beyond the Federal Court, a law lecturer from the Australian National University said today. Speaking in an academic seminar titled “The Name of God on Trial: Narratives of Law, Religion and State in Malaysia”, Joshua Neoh (pic) said that […]

Malaysian Government to Act at Last

MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT TO ACT AT LAST - The local extremist Muslim groups, ISMA and Perkasa, are running out of targets to accuse for the slandering and persecution of Muslims in the country. After making so many rash unjustified accusations in recent years, the number of subjects they are willing to be rabidly paranoid over has […]

(吉隆坡30日讯)民主行动党全国副主席郭素沁说,  副交长拿督阿都阿兹坚持该部将依期于6月16日取缔不 符规格隔热膜(墨镜)的做法,是不合理,动机也令 人 费解。   她说,警方于5月15日提早宣布有关取缔行动,目的是 要让车主拥有1个月的时间去清除违规的墨镜,如今随 着政府宣布欲在近期检讨汽车安装墨镜的决定,所有 车主都采取观望态度,这是自然及正确的反应。   “即使当局做出的检讨意味一些车主仍然需要清除他 们的墨镜,当局也需展延取缔,让他们拥有足够的时 间。”

Please urge your friends and family to return to Teluk Intan to vote. Help push Dyana across the line. We need every vote.

I joined the DAP candidate Dyana Sofya to visit the rural areas in Teluk Intan on Wednesday. We went to the southern part of Teluk Intan, which is next to the Sabak Bernam and Zulu Bernam area. It is a large oil palm plantation area. We were led by PAS members to visit the kampung […]

Media Statement by Teresa Kok, DAP National Vice Chairperson and MP for Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, May 29, 2014 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- On May 26, Umno Vice President and Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid had said Chinese Malaysians who vote for the opposition DAP, after becoming economically successful, are “ingrates”. According to the Home Minister, […]

A friend asked me how’s the Teluk Intan by-election going. I then sent him the photos that I took of the BN ceramah and the DAP ceramah through Whatsapps, as photos tell a thousand words. Yesterday banners on BN ceramah with the faces of Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong were up. I was curious […]

(吉隆坡29日讯)民主行动党全国副主席郭素沁说,  民政党领袖针对内长拿督阿末扎希的“华人不感恩” 言论之反应,显示他们的政治懦弱。 她指出,这也难怪民政党领袖及议员向来无法在政府 里有效争取人民的权益。 郭素沁在一篇文告中说,阿末扎希的“华人不感恩论 ”是很危险的,同时也是在制造种族仇视。 “这言论伤害了华人的感受,阿末扎希不应保持沉默 ,他应向大马华社道歉。”

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