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Puteri 8 Ponggal Festival Celebration at Puchong

Recently, I attended an Indian Ponggal Festival Celebration at Kinrara, Puchong organized by Puteri 8 Residents Association & Rukun Tetangga. It is a very enjoyable festival celebration. In the event, I saw different races of people and people from all walks of life came together to celebrate and greet our Indian friends.  It has once […]

Went to two markets in my constituency Seputeh yesterday morning to wish the people. Gave out 30 boxes of mandarin oranges and my Chinese New Year cards. My Seputeh office also hired a lion dance troupe to perform at every stalls in the markets, wishing them “Sang Yi Heng Loong”

(The title of this blog post has been updated with the additional words “in Selangor”. Thanks to Jason Loh’s comments for this correction.) 09/09/09 was a momentous day with the formation  of our latest DAP branch in Kg Lembah Kinrara, which is DAP’s first Malay-led and Malay-majority branch in Selangor with 50 members registered and […]

First, I paid a courtesy call to Abdul Rahman Nasir, the nazir (chairman) of Masjid Al-Ehsan, Bandar Kinrara (seated far right)  at the time when I was detained under ISA last Ramadan. he was the gentleman who spoke up in my defence to deny false allegations that I had had anything to do with a […]

Hello all my friends, I am one year older as of 31st March. I organised a small party by getting my party members and supporters in Seputeh constituency to come to my condo to join me in a little celebration. Politics can be boring without comradeship and friendship. I decided to have my Seputeh members […]

雪州委任台湾经贸专家陈明德为第二科学园区顾问 (雪州24日讯)危机就是转机。雪州政府为突破经济 局,布局未来的竞争力,24日由雪州州务大臣丹斯里 立正式委任来自台湾的经贸和招商专家陈明德教授 雪州第二科学园区 顾问。 陈明德是台湾中部科学园区执行长,曾为中科创下了3 年招商1兆7千亿新台币(约合马币2千亿令吉)的辉煌纪 。在雪州高级行政议员郭素沁的邀访下,陈明德於3 23日至26日密集走访雪州及槟城多个工业丶科学园区 以丰富的产丶官丶学经验,提供宝贵的建言。 SHAH ALAM, March 26 (Bernama) Selangor has appointed a prominent professor from Taiwan and a pioneer in the Central Taiwan Science Park, Prof Chen Ming Der, as the adviser to the Sepang Science Park II. Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said […]

DUN Selangor Mula Bersidang, Tetapi Bukan Di Bawah Pokok

    Inilah pasukan wanita di DUN kita. Kami semua ADUN Pakatan. BN tiada ADUN wanita langsung. Bila kami ambil gambar, ADUN lelaki pun cemburu.  Dari kiri ke kanan: Hannah Yeoh, me, Haniza (timbalan speaker), Jenice Lee, Rodziah (exc0), Gan Pei Nie dan Dr Halimah (exc0) Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri  Selangor telahpun dirasmikan oleh DYMM Sultan […]

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