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Is sensitivity a one-way street?

Other faiths are expected to be ever mindful of Muslim sensitivities but there appears to be no corresponding obligation on the part of groups like PAS to do likewise.

Is PAS-Umno cooperation syariah-compliant?

Politics, as they say, is the art of the possible. Friends and enemies can change by dint of their interest. Indeed, the opening line of the ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ averred famously that “anything long divided will surely unite, and anything long united will surely divide”. It was Lord Palmerston who declaimed, “There are […]

PAS officially cuts off PKR

KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 — PAS formally ended cooperation with PKR today, with the Islamist party’s powerful Syura Council deciding this was necessary to defend its Islamic agenda.

PPBM-related survey method is questionable, experts say

It is important for a survey to have respondents who reflect the demographics of the country, say academics, of survey that shows Muhyiddin is most favoured as prime minister and PAS is the most popular party. PETALING JAYA: To say a survey accurately represents the sentiments on the ground, it has to be conducted in […]

Surprise! Najib is the big winner at PAS meet

PAS’ annual congress will end today. The Malaysian Insight lists four things that stood out at the party’s gathering in Alor Setar, Kedah. ‎1) Najib Razak was the biggest winner‎ He is 2,440km away in from the main hall in Alor Star where the PAS annual assembly is taking place, but arguably, Umno president and […]

Hadi’s ‘brilliant’ move against editor of Sarawak Report

Clare Rewcastle-Brown has two options; but in exercising them, she will have to provide alot of information and documents about 1MDB and the money trail. I read somewhere that Hadi Awang has commenced a defamation suit against Clare Rewcastle-Brown, the owner of Sarawak Report in the London High Court. This is over her allegation that […]

Muktamar PAS ke-63 ‘tak ada class’, kata Zaid Ibrahim

PAS dilihat lebih berminat menyerang Amanah dan saman Clare berbanding bincang isu sekolah tahfiz. PETALING JAYA: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim hari ini menyifatkan mesyuarat agung tahunan Pemuda, Ulama dan Wanita PAS yang berlangsung hari ini sebagai tiada “class”, kerana tidak membawa isu mendesak seperti keselamatan pelajar sekolah tahfiz dan peluang pekerjaan lepasan sekolah Arab.

Zakir Naik: Coalition government of Umno and PAS will be better for Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 — A coalition government of Umno and PAS will be better for Malaysia as it will propel the country forward and strengthen Islam, according to international Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik. He said he was not suggesting for the two main Islamic political parties in the country to merge, but it […]

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