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DAP is not MCA 2.0

By Wan Hamidi Hamid The Malaysian Insider April 11, 2014 DAP, or Democratic Action Party, is still seen by many as a political organisation with a lot of Chinese leaders and members. Therefore, it is often perceived as a Chinese party. However, the real Chinese party in Malaysia is MCA or the Malaysian Chinese Association. […]

BY THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER March 2, 2014 A long-time Asia watcher has panned Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, noting that Malaysia under his watch was not a progressive society as reflected in the rise of religious jingoism. Zoher Abdoolcarim, writing in the latest issue of Time magazine, said that the crackdown on Shia Muslims […]

BY ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH The Malaysian Insider Feb 28, 2014 Just days before the Catholic church resumes it battle to use the word “Allah” at the Federal Court, the World Council of Churches (WCC) has thrown its support behind the Malaysian church, and described its resolution as an important milestone in interfaith relations. The WCC, which […]

Building a harmonious Malaysia

BY LAM KEE HING The Malaysian Insider Feb 28, 2014 I am a 60-year-old Malaysian who works as a church pastor. I went through the May 13 tragedy as a teenager and can still recall the terror we went through huddled in fear in our homes as we heard news of people being killed and […]

士布爹区国会议员郭素沁指王赛芝说她的《马来犀利 啊!》短片会吓走外资和游客是天大的笑话。 她说,王赛芝是为了掩饰马华目前面对召开特大所引 发的党内矛盾,而频频以各种可笑和幼稚的理由持续 的批评《马来犀利啊!》短片。 郭素沁是针对王赛芝指她把《马来犀利啊!》短片放 上在网络的优管,让全世界人都可看到这短片,会吓 走外资游客和影响国家经济发表文告。 她说,王赛芝应该谴责马来极端组织悬赏掌掴她的做 法,以及内长查希指警方无须调查有关组织的言论, 而不是继续对《马来犀利啊!》短片发布许多可笑的 言论。

MCA Wanita chief Heng Seai has been calling on the Police to take action against me for my satirical video. She has even accused me of lacking in patriotism because my video has spoilt the image of the nation’s leaders. Yesterday she issued a statement objecting against  the slap Teresa Kok for reward offer made […]

BY LOOI SUE-CHERN The Malaysian Insider Feb 4, 2014 DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has come to Teresa Kok’s defence over her Chinese New Year video, describing the slanderous accusations against her as another attack by Umno, which was similar to the molestation allegations made against his son three years ago. He said this was […]

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