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Putrajaya cites national security as reason for banning Al-Jazeera reporter from Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 ― The Home Ministry said today that local authorities had banned Al-Jazeera journalist Mary Ann Jolley from entering Malaysia because her actions were deemed a threat to national security and public order. The ministry, in a written reply to a question by Petaling Jaya Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian yesterday, also […]

Cheque Presentation for TDRA Carnival and Run 2015

Yesterday I joined Taman Desa Residents’ Association (TDRA) to have press conference with the deputy minister of FT, YB Dato Loga. The purpose of the press conference is to announce the figures collected during the “TDRA Carnival & Run 2015” held on 18 October 2015. Dato Loga officiated the event that day. Both of us […]

My comments on the photo of Nurul Izzah and Jacel Karim being taken out of context

I am very surprised to see my comments on the photo of Nurul Izzah and Jacel Karim, the controversial self-styled princess of Sulu, being taken out of context and I am being condemned over casual remarks to the media. When I stepped into Parliament House on Thursday, I found myself surrounded by reporters who asked […]

Jawapan Parlimen Berkenaan laman web yang telah diharamkan oleh Kerajaan

TARIKH: 3 NOVEMBER 2015 (SELASA) SOALAN: 48 Puan Teresa Kok Suh Sim [Seputeh] minta MENTERI KOMUNIKASI DAN MULTIMEDIA menyatakan sebab Kerajaan menyekat orang ramai baca laporan di laman web Sarawak Report tetapi tidak mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap penyunting dan penulis laman web tersebut sekiranya beliau meyiarkan tulisan yang tidak benar.

郭素沁: 全面落实内阁于2009年通过的“禁止父母单方面为孩子改教”的方案

民主行动党全国副主席郭素沁说,最新的改教争抚养 案件,证明政府必须即刻修改相关法令,全面落实内 阁于2009年通过的“禁止父母单方面为孩子改教”决 定。 她说,只有通过修改法律,可能有效制止父母改教时 ,单方面为孩子改教事件重演。 郭素沁在一篇文告中指出,内阁在2009年4月22日的会议 上达致决定,即改信伊斯兰的配偶无权单方面更改孩 子的宗教信仰,如果配偶双方不能达致共识,孩子的 宗教信仰需维持现状,直到孩子长大成年后,才由孩 子自行決定。 “这是合理的决定。”

Malaysia Airlines plane search: New signal possibly detected

By Tom Watkins CNN April 10, 2014 Investigators got new information that may help them narrow the possible whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Thursday as new details shed light on the doomed flight’s final moments early on March 8 as it flew from Kuala Lumpur toward Beijing. A search plane has detected a […]

BY SHERIDAN MAHAVERA The Malaysian Insider April 3, 2014 The key and dominant Malay vote swung further to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the Kajang by-election last month, continuing a trend from the general election in 2008 that could spell doom for Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next general election, analysts and politicians say. […]

Jawapan Parlimen mengenai langkah yang akan diambil oleh Kerajaan untuk mempertingkatkan kedudukan Malaysia dalam Indeks Kebebesan Akhbar Dunia

NO. SOALAN: 45 PEMBERITAHUAN PERTANYAAN BAGI JAWAB LISAN DEWAN RAKYAT PERTANYAAN    :               LISAN DARIPADA          :               PUAN TERESA KOK SUH SIM [SEPUTEH] TARIKH                 :               19 MAC 2014 RUJUKAN            :               6694 SOALAN               :                 PUAN TERESA KOK SUH SIM [SEPUTEH] minta MENTERI DALAM NEGERI menyatakan langkah yang akan diambil oleh Kerajaan untuk mempertingkatkan kedudukan Malaysia […]

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