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By The Malaysian Insider April 2, 2014 The RM4 billion klia2 is set to open for business on May 2 despite safety concerns expressed by aviation experts. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 2, 2014.Newly found cracks on the klia2 apron and building have cast doubts on the RM4 billion budget airport terminal’s safety, weeks […]

Media Statement by Teresa Kok, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, November 14, 2013 ———————————————————————————————————————————— It is shocking that the federal government is now considering imposing toll charges on motorcyclists when it knows very well that motorcycle is the cheap mode of transport for the low income group and […]

PEMBERITAHUAN PERTANYAAN DEWAN RAKYAT   PERTANYAAN :           BAGI JAWAB LISAN DARIPADA      :           PUAN TERESA KOK SUH SIM [SEPUTEH] TARIKH            :           22 OKTOBER 2013 (SELASA) SOALAN          :           22   PUAN TERESA KOK SUH SIM [SEPUTEH] minta MENTERI PENGANKUTAN menyatakan jumlah saman dan jumlah wang yang dikutip daripada saman AES yang dikeluarkan. Memandangkan Kerajaan telah memutuskan saman […]

I was invited by Sewer Network Department under KeTTHA to attend the briefing of laying of new sewerage pipes at a community hall at Happy Garden today. In my speech, I praised the ministry and contractor for taking initiative to brief the residents so that the people who stay around here will know what’s happening […]

In the Auditor General’s report 2012, Taman Pertanian at Shah Alam has been mentioned in the report as wastage of fund due to lack of supervision. I have made a visit to the agricultural garden, the roads were tarred nicely and many some new buildings were under-construction, but the place was sooooo quiet. It’s a […]

By Malaysiakini Oct 1, 2013   AUDIT REPORT The RM73 million Malacca Customs and Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) was illegally built on private land which eventually cost the Malacca state government RM10.8 million, according to the Auditor-General’s Report 2012. The report pointed out that the federal project which included a jetty, was to be built by […]

SOALAN NO: 20 PEMBERITAHU PERTANYAAN DEWAN RAKYAT, MALAYSIA PERTANYAAN                    : LISAN DARIPADA                         : PUAN TERESA KOK SUH SIM [ SEPUTEH ] TARIKH                              : 26 SEPTEMBER 2013 SOALAN                             : 20 Puan Teresa Kok Suh SIm [ Seputeh ] minta MENTERI WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN menyatakan apa yang dilaksanakan oleh ‘River of Life’ sejak ia bermula sehingga sekarang. Apakah […]

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