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PKR Sees Red Over PAS’ Aim To Capture Anwar’s Former Seat

PAS has set its sights on the Permatang Pauh parliament seat, much to the chagrin of PKR which considers the constituency in Penang to be symbolic.

Nurul Izzah, the peacemaker between dad and Dr Mahathir

ANWAR Ibrahim’s daughter, opposition young turk. And now peacemaker between two of Malaysia’s most famous politicians.

Dr Mahathir’s apology to Anwar sign of opposition’s growing power, says report

DR Mahathir Mohamad’s expression of remorse for Anwar Ibrahim is acknowledgement of the opposition’s gathering strength and power in Malaysia today, says the South China Morning Post.

Father of modern Malaysia backs jailed former deputy in attempt to oust PM

Mahathir Mohamad says former deputy Anwar Ibrahimm, jailed on charges of sodomy, should be freed to contest election against scandal-ridden Najib.