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Bekas diplomat tinggalkan PAS sertai DAP

Beliau percaya orang Melayu akan dapat mencapai kemajuan dalam sebuah negara yang ditadbir seperti Pulau Pinang. PETALING JAYA: Bekas diplomat Datuk Yeop Adlan Che Rose, 74, dilaporkan menyertai DAP kerana menyakini pentadbiran Pakatan Harapan di Pulau Pinang, selepas bersama PAS sebagai calon kerusi Parlimen Hulu Langat pada 2004 dan ahli jawatankuasa Lajnah Antarabangsa parti Islam […]

Donation drive at the morning market of Jalan Raja Bot, Kg Baru

After Taman Midah market, we 3 MPs went to the morning market of Jalan Raja Bot, Kg Baru. Lim Lip Eng was waiting for us at the market together with some supporters and hawkers of that market.

Donation drive at the morning market of Taman Midah, Cheras

This morning I joined Tan Kok Wai and Fong Kui Lun to do a donation drive at the morning market of Taman Midah, Cheras. It was dizzling in the morning and the sky was dark, not many people in the market.

March From Parliament to Dataran Merdeka in Commemoration of 1,000 days of Imprisonment of Anwar Ibrahim

Tonight I joined the march from Parliament to Dataran Merdeka in commemoration of 1,000 days of imprisonment of Anwar Ibrahim. The march was organised by PKR, I joined the march together with LimKit Siang and my DAP colleagues like Ong Kian Ming, Anthony Loke and other Pakatan Harapan leaders.

Kok: MCA enhanced ‘lapdog’ image with attack on Dr Mahathir

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok criticises MCA for not having questioned nor stopped policies imposed by Umno when it mattered, if they felt it was wrong. PETALING JAYA: The MCA will never shed its image of being a “lapdog” to Umno in the Barisan Nasional (BN) as long as they don’t speak out when it matters, […]

Liow Tiong Lai’s Speech in the MCA Convention Does Not Only Reflect His Arrogance, But Also His Ignorance On Why The Chinese Community Despise MCA

I read the DAP-bashing speeches of MCA leaders with amusement. The speeches made by Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chong Sin Woon are not only arrogant, but they are also ignorant on what the people want. Support BN Means Support BN+PAS, a possible “theocratic regime” —————————————————————————————— In the speech of the MCA President […]

Why claim credit for our education, DAP reps ask Najib

PETALING JAYA: Two DAP representatives today questioned Prime Minister Najib Razak’s motive in bringing up the fact that they were educated at MCA-funded institutions.


(吉隆坡5日讯)行动党全国副主席郭素沁指廖中莱在 马华代表大会里呼吁选民投票给马华以遏止伊斯兰党 吹的神权主义,是自欺欺人,把选民当傻瓜。她呼 廖中莱停止歪曲事实和误导华裔选民,因为在这资讯 发达的年代,选民的眼睛是雪亮的。

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