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THE prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor defended her request for more funds for a Permata youth programme, saying that it was wrong of the opposition to accuse her of taking the money for herself.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Melaka to pay respect to Kerk Kim Hock, the DAP former secretary-general and the former MP of Pasir Pinji and Kota Melaka.

(吉隆坡10日讯) 行动党全国副主席郭素沁说,国会下议院昨晚通过的 律改革(婚姻与离婚)法令修正案没纳入88A条文, 本没解决离异夫妻单方面为孩子改信伊斯兰教的问题 。马华和民政没在内阁据理力争保住88A条文这修正案 核心,他们应该对此负责。

Former DAP secretary-general was a true Malaysian patriot who was faithful to his family and friends, as he was faithful to the party and its principles.

Where are we as a society heading?

今天我失去一个好朋友及好同志,郭金福。他今天下 与世长辞。 Today is a sad day for me as I lost a close friend and a comrade, Kerk Kim Hock. He has passed away in today afternoon.

Teresa Kok says racism, not DAP, is the number one enemy of the state.

PH leaders march from Putrajaya Sentral to the MACC’s HQ, urging the graft-buster to probe allegations against 1MDB and show the public that it is indeed an independent body which truly fights graft.

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