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Missing Person Found!

Catching Pokemon at Borobudur

Last week, Lim Kit Siang led a small delegation of DAP MPs to study political Islam in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The delegation comprises of YB Zairil, YB Steven Sim, Ms Foo Yueh Chuan, Mustaqueem and me. We took the opportunity to visit Borobudur when we were in Yogyakarta. Borobudur is located 40 km away from […]

Walk of Faiths in Friendship

Petang ini saya menyertai “Walk of Faiths in Friendship” di Taman Tasik di Shah Alam. Ia dianjurkan oleh beberapa persatuan dan guru agama di Selangor. Saya berjumpa beberapa ustaz, guru agama dan paderi Katolik. Saya difahamkan ini ialah kali ke-5 program “interfaith” diadakan pada Hari Malaysia. Ia dihadiri oleh beberapa ratus peserta daripada pelbagai agama,

Anwar- Tun M Historical Handshake After 18 Years

Today I went to Jalan Duta court to support Anwar Ibrahim’s application to challenge the controversial National Security Council Act 2016 (NSC Act). I witnessed the “hand-shake of the century” where Anwar Ibrahim shook Tun Mahathir’s hand after he came into the court room. It happened at the time when the judge was not around, […]

Zunar’s Cartoon Exhibition at Dataran PJ

Today afternoon, I went for the launching ceremony of Zunar’s cartoon exhibition in Dataran PJ, opposite Amcorp Mall. I was surprised to see the cartoons were enlarged and displayed at the roadside. The exhibition was supported by MBPJ and Tourism Selangor, it was officiated by Selangor Exco Elizabeth Wong. In Zunar’s speech, he mentioned that […]

Happy Birthday Sdr Kerk Kim Hock

Today is the 60th birthday of Kerk Kim Hock, the former secretary-general of the DAP and the former MP for Kota Melaka. Many DAP leaders have gone to Mahkota Hospital in Melaka to celebrate his birthday. Kerk is a cancer survivor. He has suffered from colon cancer about 10 years ago and he was healed […]

I attended the concert on Taiwan Literature and Music Night (台湾文学之夜)organised by Taipei Economits & Cultural Office in Malaysia (TECO) at KLCC on last Saturday. The two singers who performed that night were Anthony Neely (倪安东)and Jess Lee (李佳薇). Both are famous singers in Taiwan and both of them were born out of Taiwan. Jess […]

Best of luck to Dr. Ranjit Singh

Tonight I attended a mini fundraising dinner organiser by friends of a historian and writer Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi. Dr. Ranjit is writing a book on the history and contribution of then Sikh community in Malaysia. I attended the dinner with Lau Weng San, ADUN for Kg Tunku in PJ. When I asked Lau to […]

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