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Pada hujung minggu ketiga Januari 2014, saya pergi ke Tenom, Sabah untuk berjumpa dengan ahli-ahli KDM saya. Saya minta rakan-rakan saya bawa saya untuk melihat Batu Sumpah di Keningau, Sabah. Saya amat gembira kerana dapat datang ke tapak yang bersejarah berkenaan. Latar belakang Batu Sumpah Keningau ————————–————————– Ketika Sabah bersetuju untuk bergabung dengan Sarawak, Singapura […]

Job opportunity

A community-based NGO in Klang Valley is looking for a research cum executive secretary. Qualifications required: i) university graduate, preferably with background in law, ii) proficient in written English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, iii) excellent communication skills, iv) IT skills, and;

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir sidang Dewan Rakyat. Saya pakai baju putih merah ke Parlimen kerana hari ini saya tidak perlu hadir majlis pengebumian ataupun “wake”. Bila saya masuk duduk di kerusi saya di Dewan Rakyat, Tiong King Sing, Ahli Parlimen Bintulu pun ingin buat kacau pada saya dengan berkata saya tidak boleh pakai baju […]

Funeral Mass of Irene Fernandez

My colleague Steven Sim, the Bukit Mertajam MP and I skipped Parliament sitting to attend the funeral of Irene Fernandez at Divine Mercy Church at Shah Alam yesterday afternoon. She was placed in a white casket. She looked peaceful. Irene is known as the fighter for human rights and migrant rights in Malaysia. Her courage and […]

Birthday dinner with DAP MPs

Former DAP MP for PJ Dr Eng Seng Chai hosted a dinner for our party MPs at a restaurant in PJ last night. My colleagues took the opportunity to celebrate my birthday. I have never celebrated birthday with my fellow MPs and it was done in such “grand” way :-)) Dr Eng is now retired from […]

Happy Birthday to me!

I celebrated my big day with my family members yesterday, and my nieces and nephews sang birthday song for me, and they competed to light up the candles on the cake. Many people say that age is women’s secret. Well, as a public figure, I can’t hide my age as it will be reported in the […]

Pray for MH370

A party member informed me that there would be a candle light vigil to remember the victims of the MH370 plane tragedy at Dataran Merdeka last night. After I finished my work at 9.30pm I decided to go there to take a look. The vigil was held next to the old High Court building. About […]

I was at a DAP Wanita Negeri Sembilan event at Royale Bintang hotel in Seremban last Saturday afternoon. There were some performances during the tea-break and my attention was drawn to two pairs of dancers. I was told that the dancers were mothers and sons.

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