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My Trip to Taiwan

I just came back from a trip to Taiwan yesterday together with my colleagues from the DAP, namely YB Tan Kok Wai and his wife, YB Oscar Ling from Sibu and YB Gan Peck Cheng from Batu Pahat. As there is presidential and legislative election campaign in Taiwan now, we took the opportunity to visit […]

My year end trip to Guangzhou, China

I went to China twice in December. First trip was to Shanghai in early of the month, second trip to Guangzhou with my parents recently. Two things I have observed in both my trips are: I) The value of our currency, Ringgit vs RMB has been decreasing from month to month. Things are getting so […]

Happy New Year 2016!

Some of you might be wondering why I had not uploaded anything on my Facebook in the past few days. Not that I wanted to “hide” myself, I had gone for holidays with my parents to Guangzhou and Hainan Island. I just came back last night. I could not access Facebook in China, and so […]

A night of two Farewells

On the evening of Friday 5th December, I attended two farewell functions. The first one was the farewell dinner for Father Albert Tan, the parish priest of St Francis Xavier Church, Petaling Jaya. Father Albert Tan is a Jesuit priest. He is young and jovial, open-minded and approachable. He said he will travel to Australia […]

I am glad that the Attorney General has finally dropped or withdrawn the sedition charge against me this morning at the KL Sessions. At the outset, this charge ought not have been preferred against me. Inter alia, many civil society organisations including Human Rights Watch (HRW) have condemned and expressed grave concern and demanded that […]

Ucapan Perbahasan Bajet 2016 – Bahagian Keempat

Bahagian Keempat/Terakhir ucapan perbahasan Bajet 2016 saya adalah berkenaan MCMC tidak mengharamkan laman web yang membenarkan tweet palsu & pengiktirafan UEC Kerajaan Harus Haramkan Laman Web Yang Buat Tweet Palsu ================================================= Datuk yang diPertua, Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia (MCMC) telah mengharamkan laman web Bersih 4, Sarawak Report dan lain pada beberapa bulan yang lepas. Tindakan […]

Lawatan Pakatan Harapan ke “Petaling Street”

Pagi ini, pemimpin Pakatan Harapan melawat Petaling Street di Kuala Lumpur. Kami berada di Petaling Street pada 9.30 pagi dan adakan sidang akhbar. Selepas itu, kami menziarahi gerai dan kedai di Petaling Street. Pemimpin Pakatan Harapan yang turut hadir pagi ini termasuk: YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Nurul Izzah, YB Tan Kok Wai, YB Dr […]

RIP DPP Anthony Kevin Morais

Last night I went to Nirvana funeral parlor to pay respects to the late DPP Anthony Kevin Morais who was murdered in a cruel manner. I met Kevin’s brother Dato Richard Morais and his wife Datin Hew. I expressed my condolences to them and had a chat with Datin Hew. This is a wake without […]

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