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DAP Special Congress 2017

Today is the DAP special congress where we are forced to have the third party election for the same term based on the delegates list of 2012.

Again, we have to hire an audit firm to conduct and monitor the re-election exercise. So, today the audit firm, Grant Thornton played the role of Election Commission for our party re-election.

The special congress started with national anthem and party song. The we have minute of silence to remember our former party leaders Kerk Kim Hock and Lau Dak Kee who have passed away lately.

After that the Speaker announced donations from different state committees of the party for the expenses of the party congress, and our ushers passed a donation box around to the delegates and the CEC leaders to collect donation to pay for the expenses of the party special congress.

This scene is very different from the elections or party convention of political parties in BN. Those parties spent millions to pay for the expenses of the delegates to attend their party conventions. In the contrary, DAP has to collect donation from branches and delegates in order to foot the bills of the party congress.

The reason UMNO leaders use ROS to force us to organise another party re-election is to exhaust our resources and energy, and to divert our attention from attacking them on series of financial scandals which involved their leaders.

We bite the bullet now. We believe BN and those who do evil will eat the fruits of their evil deeds.

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