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THE presence of three PAS elected reps at an Amanah ceramah in Alor Star failed to cause a stir. In fact, the trio received a warm welcome.

Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar, Kedah opposition leader Amiruddin Hamzah and Kubang Rotan assemblyman Mohd Nasir Mustafa have become regular faces at Pakatan Harapan events, despite belonging to a party has rejected the opposition pact as a working partner.

All three looked comfortable where they were. They mingled, joked and posed for photos with members and supporters of PH at the “kenduri rakyat” event which saw people tucking into free food outside the Amanah Kedah headquarters.

All three PAS men were also clear about what they wanted and what they were working towards: to replace the Barisan Nasional government.

Mahfuz said there was nothing wrong in supporting PH, even if one was from PAS.

“I want to correct the misconception. They don’t have to quit PAS. They can just support PH in the coming general election,” he told The Malaysian Insight.

Amanah is a splinter party of PAS, formed in 2015 by PAS progressives who supported continued political cooperation with other opposition parties, PKR and DAP. The breakaway took place as PAS under president Abdul Hadi Awang took a more closed and conservative approach in politics while pushing for the implementation of hudud, the Islamic Penal code, in its home state of Kelantan.

Mahfuz has been openly attending PH events and supporting the coalition consisting of former PAS allies PKR and DAP, Amanah and new member Bersatu, which is helmed by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahfuz, Amiruddin, and Nasir were absent from the PAS general assembly earlier this year in Kedah. They have been called “harum manis”,  a term used to describe PAS members who support Amanah inspired by the mango fruit of the same name for it green skin and orange flesh, the colours of each party, respectively.

A banner urging them to resign from PAS had even appeared at the assembly.

“I don’t care if people who boycott me (for attending PH events). I only depend on God, not other people.

“In this struggle, I have many followers. They are giving their silent support,” said Mahfuz, who also attended the PH ceramah last night after the “kenduri”.

He is also expected to attend Amanah’s second national convention that starts tomorrow at the Royale Signature Hotel in Alor Setar as an invited guest.

Mahfuz said he could not accept PAS’ stand not to work with PH, adding that it was unfortunate that Hadi had declared that the Islamist party aimed to win 40 parliamentary seats instead of gunning for 112 seats, the minimum to win a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat,

Amiruddin, who is the Anak Bukit rep, said no party could work alone to unseat the government.

“I ask voters to evaluate who is serious in replacing the government. Opposition parties have done it before, but at state level.

“The recipe is working together. You stand alone, you won’t succeed. So we should be working together…that is what we hope for.”

Nasir agreed, saying that the most important thing now was strengthening the opposition against BN in general election.

He said he and his two colleagues were taking a “mature approach” by attending the Amanah gathering to show the people that opposition parties agreed on the common goal of ousting BN from government.

“I still hope we can have a single opposition to go up against BN. We still have that chance.

“I believe that can still happen at our leadership level because the people want the same thing too,” said Nasir. – October 21, 2017.

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