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The DAP-bashing speech of MCA president Liow Tiong Lai in the Malaysia Chinese Youth Summit 2017 in Serdang two days ago was another new low by a rejected party. In his speech, Liow openly admitted that UMNO and PAS are “flirting” with each other, and he blamed this on the support of Chinese community for the DAP in last general elections.

Liow was reported as saying if MCA had received the backing of the Chinese community, they would be able to stop attempts to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state.

When will MCA stop blaming the DAP for its own failure? And when will Liow stop treating the rakyat as fools by twisting and turning the facts to them?

When DAP was with PAS in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, Liow said DAP wanted to support PAS to establish Islamic stage in Malaysia. When PAS severed ties with the DAP and presented the motion on RUU355 in the Parliament with the support of UMNO, Liow blamed the DAP for strengthening PAS till PAS presented such motion in the parliament.

When UMNO openly “flirts with” PAS and openly support PAS to present the RUU355 motion, Liow has never blamed UMNO for disregarding the Federal Constitution and the feelings of the coalition partners in BN which do not support the motion, but he put the blame on the DAP.

So in Liow’s philosophy, all the problems in Malaysia including the loss of support of MCA are because of the DAP, but never the MCA.

During the episode of the motion of RUU355 in Parliament, I have never seen MCA openly criticised UMNO and PAS collaboration. MCA has never and will never criticised the wrongdoings of UMNO even on important issue related to the violation of the Federal Constitution, but it will only demonstrates its cowardice and play the role of UMNO lapdog.

How does Liow expect MCA to get the support of the Chinese community and the rakyat as a whole when he and his colleagues dare not speak out and defend the Federal Constitution and the rights of the non-Muslims?

In the era of the widespread usage of information technologies, the people receive information of all parties, thus enable them to understand and analyse the issues better. Liow Tiong Lai cannot fool the people and cover-up facts like what MCA leaders used to do in the past decades.

If MCA wants to regain confidence and support of the Chinese community and the people as a whole,it has to first do soul searching and examine its performance in the past years and now. Liow and MCA leaders have to first find out what do the people want. Distorting facts, telling lies and putting all the blames on the DAP will never help MCA to gain support, but this will lead more people to distrust and despise MCA.

Teresa Kok

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