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Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on BN to make a decision regarding him and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang.

He said while Umno leaders such as information chief Annuar Musa keep repeating the claim that DAP dominates Pakatan Harapan, MCA, however, has accused Lim of selling himself and DAP to Bersatu instead.

“So BN must decide who bought who, whether Kit Siang has bought me or I have bought Kit Siang,” he added in a blog posting.

The former premier also criticised Annuar (photo) for responding to questions on the RM2.6 billion in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s accounts with the claim that DAP calls the shots in the opposition coalition.

“Not sure whether this is because he did not hear the question or his ears have been stuffed with ‘dedak‘ (animal feed). But what is clear is that for all questions regarding 1MDB or the RM2.6 billion, his answer is DAP dominates Harapan and Kit Siang will be prime minister,” he added.

The term “dedak” is used by Najib’s critics in accusing the prime minister of using rewards, be it financial, titles or positions, to secure support.

As for the RM2.6 billion, Najib has claimed it was a donation from a Saudi royalty. Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali has also cleared him of any wrongdoing in this matter.

However, the opposition remains unconvinced and cites the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) 1MDB-related civil suits which alleged that the sum could have originated from the fund.

Najib, on the other hand, has blamed the allegations on those conspiring to topple him from power.

‘Ask Raja Petra’

Meanwhile, Mahathir also commented on blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s allegation that the former premier paid RM1 billion to Lim.

“Wah! I am so rich. But I am not as gila (mad) as Raja Petra. If I have RM1 billion, I would build a mansion and not live in an ordinary house.

“Don’t ask me where I got the RM1 billion from. Ask Raja Petra.

“Perhaps the answer is an Arab (donor). If he (Raja Petra) knows that I gave Kit Siang RM1 billion, surely he knows where I got the money from. What is common knowledge is where Raja Petra gets his money from,” he said.

Mahathir also said there is no reason to fear him.

“I am 92. I have no money let alone being able to bribe Kit Siang with RM1 billion. I am not treated like Najib was by the US president…The president of the biggest superpower did not hug me for saving the US economy.

“However, I am proud. There has never been a Malaysian prime minister capable of saving a world power, now there is…Congratulations to the government, Najib and BN ministers. You have put Malaysia on the world map.

“Continue with the confusion. Form another 1MDB. Have billions in debts again. Believe me, you will be supported by your minions forever.

“Congrats Najib. We are so proud of you,” he added.

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