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The statement made by IGP is very irresponsible. It also shows that he is a conservative who wants to deny basic freedoms of non-Muslims in the way they live their lives.

It a fact of life that there have been instances of Islamic terrorists abroad killing people watching performances, killing people in restaurant, killing people in church, killing people in a plane, killing people in a campus, in the park and even in train stations.

In the light of the above, is the IGP serious that all activities of society in Malaysia must stop just to prevent a terror attack from happening and its a travesty, if that is his answer to such perceived threats. I say that he is abdicating his duties of preventing such as required of him as head of the Police, which is to ensure the safety and security of society and the country rather than going around instilling fear amongst the people.

PETALING JAYA: Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun today defended opposition to a German food and beverage (F&B) party in Klang, pointing to the recent Las Vegas shooting that left 59 people dead.

“You see in Vegas, even though it is not a terrorist act, this could happen in our country,” he said to FMT.

In the incident, 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock, a retired accountant, had smuggled an arsenal of assault rifles into a hotel in Las Vegas and rained hundreds of bullets into a crowd of concert-goers below his room, killing at least 59 and injuring more than 500.

MPK state executive councillor Teng Chang Khim was reported by theSun daily as saying that local authorities had given permission for the F&B party to proceed.

He said the organiser had received a permit to host the event from MPK on Sept 28.

Speaking to FMT, however, Fuzi stuck by his previous warning of a security threat in advising the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) not to allow the F&B event to take place.

Fuzi said if MPK took the risk and permitted the party, the police would abide by their decision and secure the area.

“The threat is very real, and who will be responsible if anything happens?

“This is not a political matter, this is a security matter.

“When the threat is already there and if they want to go against our advice, that is very bad.”

He also questioned who the council expected to rely on if it did not heed police advice when it came to security threats.

“If they don’t listen to us, which other party can they listen to and rely on?” he said.

The German F&B party is scheduled to be held at a supermarket in Klang on Oct 12 and 13.

North Klang district police chief ACP Mazelan Paijan had previously said that police would not allow the event to be held.

“So far, the police have not received any application letter from the organiser… If there are quarters claiming that the event was given the go-ahead, then the (approval) letter is probably a fake one,” he said.

Prior to this, MPK had approved the event on condition that the organiser adheres to certain terms and conditions, including barring Muslims from entering the party area and obtaining a permit from the authorities.

The Better Beer Festival 2017 was also slated to be held this month, but was cancelled after the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) rejected the organisers’ application to host the event at the Publika Shopping Gallery.

This was despite the festival having been held in Kuala Lumpur several times before.

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