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This morning, I attended the 60th year anniversary national day parade and celebration at Dataran Merdeka.

I arrived slightly before the procession started. I saw my party MPs, Thomas Su (Ipoh Timur), Teo Kok Seong (Bahau) and Er Teck Hwa (Bakri) were walking toward the VIPs seats. We then walked together toward the VIP seats. Thank God that we managed to sit together.

There was a good crowd watching national day parade at the Dataran Merdeka. I must say it was quite a great performance and parade.

Most of the groups performed in the parade were from the police force and the army. Their contributions were very much highlighted. It might be because General Election is around the corner and the government wants to use this event to reach the Malay members and their families in the security and defence troops.

The big TV screen at Dataran Merdeka highlighted different phases of development of the country under different prime ministers. I noticed that Tun Mahathir’s photo was only appeared once when came to his premiership, and Pak Lah’s photo appeared 6 times. However, although we hardly saw Najib’s photo on the screen when came to development under his period, he was invited to shout “Merdeka” for 7 times like Tunku Abdul Rahman.

It was the first time where different religious groups were invited to participate in the national day parade. I spotted a few Catholic nuns and Father Gregory Chan were in the parade.

Malaysia is 60 years old now. It’s time for all the people of this land to work together to bring greater transformation in our social political system, and to save Malaysia from Kleptocracy 😎

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