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Last night I spoke in the ceramah in Taman Cempaka in Ipoh organised by DAP Perak.

I was told that there was heavy downpour for the whole afternoon in Ipoh. I was thinking I can go back without speaking after my chicken rice dinner, however, the rain stopped at about 7.45pm, so I have to go to the ceramah site to fulfil my obligation to speak 

The speakers last night included YB Nga Kor Ming, YB Wong Kah Woh, YB Howard Lee, Jenny Choy, YB Sivakumar and myself. The ceramah was held in front of two coffee shops.

The crowd increased from 150++ to 300++ in the end. I am quite impressed with the attentive crowd who stayed till the end.

I left Ipoh at 12midnight, I was caught in the serious traffic jam in PLUS highway, and only reached home at 3.40am. I pitied my assistant Edmund who drove the car, he fell ill today due to late night driving and of sleep. I was quite surprised with the degree of traffic jam during festive and long holiday seasons. I hope some of our cabinet ministers can have such experience and do something on this issue

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