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I went to Mel aka to attend the wake of Sdr Kerk Kim Hock in Melaka last night, I was surprised to see the former Gerakan deputy minister Dato’ Seri Kerk Choo Ting (郭洙镇)and his wife came for the wake. He told us he and his wife spent close to three hours to drive from KL to Melaka as there was serious congestion in PLUS highway.

Kerk Choo Ting was the former chinese educationist who joined Gerakan together with Dr Koh Soo Khoon and others in 1981. The move has created a furore and debate in the chinese community and the DAP in the 80s.

The two Kerks were good friends.

Besides him, Tian Chua from PKR and former columnist Tan Kim Song (陈锦松) came to pay respect for Kerk too.

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