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MCA is confident that Chinese voters would return to the MCA fold and support BN, said its president Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow, who is also the Transport Minister, said the present government was an action-oriented government and had delivered a number of projects, including the recently launched MRT.

“With the present government, several agendas have been fulfilled in line with the promises made to the people… We delivered the MRT and many more projects in the country.

“MRT is one of the key success of the government to show the people that we mean it and we deliver it to the rakyat.

“We are a government of action while the opposition preach but they never practice (what they preach),” he told reporters after attending the Young Malaysians Movement’s (YMM) 45th Annual General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, in response to questions on Chinese support for Pakatan Harapan.

Liow said being part of the BN-led government, MCA will continue to strive and deliver to the rakyat, especially the Chinese community, to gain their support and confidence in the government.

“We can see that Chinese voters are returning support the government, it will come, but we have to show and deliver,” he said.

DAP’s empty promises in Penang

On MCA’s strategy to attract young voters in the upcoming general election, Liow said MCA would conduct more youth engagement programmes such as training camps.

“It is most important for youths that we listen to their views and help them to achieve their ambition. They (Youth) are very inspired, talented and ready to contribute, so, we have to help them. As a party, we are always there to assist youths to grow together,” he added.

Meanwhile, Liow told reporters in Penang that voters there had lost confidence in the DAP for failing to fulfil their promises after taking over the state nine years ago.

He said many promises have not been implemented and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng continues to deceive and divide the people to win votes.

“I am confident that changes will take place in the coming general election with the support switching from DAP to MCA and Gerakan… We will work hard to get the support of the people in Penang.

“I also urge Chinese voters to give MCA the strength because we are in a government that can strengthen the multiracial and inclusive state institutions,” he told reporters after opening the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Yu Chye hall.

He said the government had always paid attention to efforts aimed at increasing the harmony among the people and to be on the right track in organising strategies to develop the nation’s future.

– Bernama

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