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Lawyer Siti Kasim has slammed what she believes to be the victimisation of children on the issue of whether or not out-of-wedlock children can bear their biological father’s surname.

“It is the right of every child to get love and affection from both the mother and the father. He or she has the right to be brought up in a cool, loving and accepting environment.

“Sadly, justice seems to have pervaded the illegitimate children in our country due to these so-called defenders of Islam and for no mistake of their own,” Siti said in a Facebook post today.

She was responding to the Syariah Lawyers Association of Malaysia, which said it will intervene if the National Registration Department (NRD) appeals to the Federal Court on the landmark ruling by the Court of Appeal to allow out-of-wedlock children to use their biological father’s name as their surname.

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