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PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said what is happening to Felda and Felda Global Ventures (FGV) shows clearly which party is betraying the Malays.

In her speech for a symposium today, Wan Azizah was commenting on what she said were “lies” about the Pakatan Harapan, particularly DAP, that are made with a racial slant.

“Accusations that continue to be hurled at (Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng) and DAP are being framed in an outrageous racial manner.

Malaysia Airlines’ latest losses occurred during Najib’s time
“Just imagine the biggest lies of all, that is spread everywhere, that Malay land is being seized and the azan speakers are being stuffed shut.

“In fact, Malay land in Penang now remains only a fraction, through the era of the Alliance and Umno-BN.

“And today, our collective task is to restore the confidence of the Malay community and all the citizens on the whole,” she said.

She claimed understanding among races has been ‘pawned by Umno’ as a means to divert attention from various wrongdoings, for example the 1MDB scandal.

“In fact, what is more obvious is the betrayal of the Malays that is being seen in what is happening now in Felda and FGV,” said Wan Azizah in her speech for the Symposium Pemikiran Anwar Ibrahim at the Penang Institute, George Town, Penang today.

Guests at the event include Lim, Penang PKR chief Mansor Othman, Yayasan Islam Pulau Pinang chairperson Zairil Khir Johari and Penang Institute CEO Ooi Kee Beng.

Felda and its subsidiaries FGV and Felda Investment Corporation (FIC) have been racked with corruption scandals, with the latest being the reopening of the case of FIC’s purchase of a luxury hotel in London.

In the face of Felda’s troubles, Prime Minister Najib Razak last Sunday showered Felda settlers with incentives worth at least RM1.6 billion.

‘Lies their main ammo’

Wan Azizah warned the lies would step up as the coming 14th general election approaches.

“Be wary of the lies that will increase come GE14. But those in power cannot snuff out all the damage done as a result of their greed.

“The prices of goods can no longer be contained, and the hardships of life are increasingly felt.

“Corruption is rife from the top down to the roadsides.

“And once again, lies will be their main weapon,” she said.

She said Harapan’s struggle is based on clear paths and not on personal agendas, not to “pursue a political agenda of revenge or to return to an authoritarian basis”.

“Therefore Harapan is here to effect change, and should not be linked to narrow issues.”

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