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patient. always loving. jovial

It’s been 5 months & 15 days since Raymond Koh was abducted. Despite all the depressing news, I would like to take up some of your time to appreciate my dad. My dad is a man of few words. Most of what I learnt from him is out of his actions. Growing up, when my dad wanted to teach us a lesson on patience, he would show how he did it first. Whenever, there was a disagreement, he would be the first one to make amends & say “I love you, my daughter” or “I love you, my son”. That’s how he taught us values.

Always loving. He would say he loves us whenever he could. Just like the last time my mom saw him before he was abducted. He constantly makes sure he says that. I remember, years ago, a visiting speaker said “Asian parents should not only show their love for their kids, but also tell their kids that they love them”. My dad soon put it to practice & would say that he loves us as much as he could…everyday, that is.

Jovial. Is it just the way he strums his guitar jovially? He smiles whenever he plays his guitar. I remember he was very pleased one day when someone gave him a new Takamine (not sure exactly which guitar brand it was). He was so happy with the simple things of life. But he didn’t stop there. He tries to make the people around him as happy as he. Even though it would take more effort on his part. He hates seeing someone sad or in trouble. Even to the extent of setting up an NGO (Harapan Komuniti) to help the poor & marginalized.

Thank you, dad for doing the things you DO. I look up to you as an example. I love you & miss you. I hope to see you soon. Love, your daughter Esther.

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