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Visitation to Sibu

I found out that my name has been taken out of the blacklist of Sarawak Immigration two months ago.

On last Tuesday evening, I flew to Sibu together with my friends and colleagues who are concerned about interior area of Sarawak. We then went to interior area, Pekan Song the next morning by four wheel drives. I sat in the four wheel drive driven by Oscar Ling, the DAP MP for Sibu.

I was so surprised to see the bad road condition from Kanowit to Pekan Song. This is the parliamentary constituency of Kapit, and the Kapit MP, Alexander Nanta Linggi is also the deputy minister of rural development. How can he stand the bad road condition in his own constituency?

We arrived at Pekan Song at noon time. After lunch, we took long boats to go to a long house area.

It was my first time stepping into a long boat. We were not asked to wear life jacket, I was a bit worried about safety. After some time, I got used to the boat trip

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