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The CEC has met today and discussed the media statement issued by ROS yesterday evening. DAP is shocked at the ROS statement that the Party’s CEC re-election in 2013 is invalid.

Making this statement 4 years later is intended to cripple our party’s administration and jeopardizes our preparation for GE14.

We have yet to receive an official letter from the ROS conveying their decision to us.

We are mystified by the premise of the ROS directing us to hold fresh re-election as stated in their media statement yesterday.

The DAP had already conducted a re-election of its CEC members on 29 September 2013 according to the directive of the ROS pursuant to their letter dated 30.7.2013.

The result of the re-election was communicated to the ROS on 8.11.2013 pursuant to the provision of our Constitution and Society Act 1966. It is clear from the report that we used the 2012 party delegates list which involved 2576 qualified delegates.

Despite this, the media statement of the ROS now somewhat 4 years later states that:

“Pemilihan semula yang diadakan tersebut sepatutnya berdasarkan kepada senarai nama perwakilan yang berhak hadir dan mengundi pada pemilihan CEC DAP bertarikh 15 Disember 2012 iaitu yang melibatkan seramai 2576 perwakilan dari 865 buah cawangan.”

The DAP will seek a meeting with the ROS as soon as we receive the letter from the ROS to obtain clarification in respect of the decision as set out in their press statement. DAP firmly assert that the re-election had already been called in accordance with their directive in their letter dated 30.7.2013. And therefore the question of a fresh re-election does not arise.

Nevertheless, we are prepared to meet the ROS to discuss the matter further.

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