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In my trip to Mongolia last month, I was very impressed to see how Mongolian train up their kids.

Children’s Day cum Mothers’ Day fell on the second last day of my stay in Mongolia. It was a public holiday. I saw many parents take their children out to celebrate this family day.

On that day, I was brought to a huge turtle shape rocky hill near Ulaanbatar. I saw many adults take their young kids to climb the rocky hill. I saw one man climbed the hill by carrying a young kid in one hand and holding the hand of another kid with the other hand. I also saw many other kids climbing the slippery hill with their parents. I was impressed to see an old lady with her traditional costume climbing the hill with her children and grandchildren.

Wao!! The Mongolians are so sporting. I will never see this in Malaysia.

On the other side of the road, I saw Mongolian man holding small kid to ride camel.

Many nomadic boys were trained to ride pony in the field. Most young men learnt wrestling as wrestling is part of their culture.

These show Mongolians are a nation who love physical exercises and dare to take risk. This is very different from we Malaysians who used to pamper our kids. I think we Malaysians should train our kids to be tough like the Mongolian.

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