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What does Harapan’s logo really represent?

Pakatan Harapan’s new logo has drawn mixed responses so far. Some have praised it for its simplicity while others believe it was poorly designed.

Umno leader raises spectre of non-Malay from DAP becoming PM

AN Umno minister has admitted that a non-Malay from DAP could become prime minister because there was no constitutional provision to bar such a scenario.

Singaporean probe reveals how Jho Low lied to banks, says report

THE Singaporean investigation into the activities of investment banker Yeo Jiawei reveals a trail of falsehoods Low Taek Jho thread between banks as he siphoned more than RM4 billion from 1Malaysia Development Bhd into his Good Star company, the The Edge Singapore reported yesterday.

Nurul Izzah, the peacemaker between dad and Dr Mahathir

ANWAR Ibrahim’s daughter, opposition young turk. And now peacemaker between two of Malaysia’s most famous politicians.

Visitation to Sibu (Part2)

Saya pergi ke Pekan Kapit bersama dengan bekas calon Katibas, Paren Nyawi, Ahli Parlimen Sibu Oscar Ling dan lain dengan four wheel drive pada dua hari yang lepas. Selepas mengalami jalan yang teruk dari Kanowit ke Song, sekali lagi saya melalui jalan yang teruk dari Song ke Kapit.

Visitation to Sibu

I found out that my name has been taken out of the blacklist of Sarawak Immigration two months ago.

Sabahan goes to court in bid to start Christian radio station

KOTA KINABALU, July 14 — Sabah-born property investor Ronnie Vun Yun Heu is seeking a court order for permission to set up a Christian radio station for Sabah and Sarawak.

Justice finally served, Kok says after nine-year wait over unlawful ISA detention

PUTRAJAYA, July 11 ― DAP MP Teresa Kok today said that justice has finally been served after she was wrongfully arrested and detained under the now-abolished Internal Security Act (ISA) nine years ago.

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