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“Ger” in Mongolia

When I travelled in the countryside of Mongolia, I stayed in “hotel” in the form of Mongolian tent (or “ger” in Mongolian language) camp site in the tourist attraction areas, meaning in the areas which have most beautiful scenery.

There are 3 or 4 beds inside a tent. This is the normal tent for most Mongolian nomadic families who live in the midst of the half-desert areas.

Whoever designed the “ger” is brilliant. “Ger” can be dismantled and shifted away by camels easily. There is a coal or wood burner in the middle of the tent. The nomadic people can cook by using the “burner” inside the tent. The camp site staff will help us to burn wood or coal at night or in the early morning.

Besides, if we feel hot or stuffy during day time, we can fold up the bottom of the tent, we can roll up the bottom of the tent to allow fresh air to come in.

The most inconvenient thing for tourist like me is that there is no attached bathrom in the “ger” .. If we want to go to toilet in the middle of the night, we have to walk for one or two minutes to go to a well built common toilets or bathrooms for tourists. However, for the nomads, their toilet is just a deep hole inside the simple hut. It is very challenging for “pampered people” like us to use toilets like this.

I admire the nomads, they have very little possessions with them and they live so closely with the nature

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