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During the Progressive Alliance conference in Ulaanbaatar, I had the opportunity to meet with many leaders of the Mongolian People’s Party, which is the co-organiser of the conference.

I was quite curious about the Mongolian people before I went to Mongolia, because I hardly met them and I have heard too much about theIr heroic history.

Since I am from the Hakka clan, one of the interesting facts that I have learned is that the word Hakka which means “guest” in Mandarin was actually derived from Mongolia as they travelled to cities at the southern parts of China. That’s the reason why ‘Hakka’ is called “guests”.

On top of that, after the death of the beautiful Mongolian lady, Altantuya in Malaysia, I was also quite curious about the Mongolian women and wondering whether they actually look like the late Altantuya.

I also met two Mongolian women MPs from the Mongolian People’s Party at the Conference whereby one of them is the Deputy Finance Minister. From what has been shared by them, I came to know that approximately 25% of the MPs in Mongolia are women, and women have quite a high status in the Mongolian society. Their statements have actually changed my perception about the Mongolian men . I think that they are the “conquerors” who respect women.

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