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I read about nomads when I was in primary school. I now have deeper understanding on the lives of the nomads after traveling to Mongolia.

They are so close to the nature, and they lead their lives healthily.When they are hungry, they can slaughter sheep and eat the meat, they sell the sheep’s fur to the business people. The sheep skin and fur can be turned into warm clothing.

The lives of the nomads remind me of how human beings had survived in adverse weather and environment in the earlier days.

The Mongolian tent is called “ger”. It can be set up and dismantled easily. The nomads move their tents when their cattle need to move to greener pastures after getting tired of the grass they eat. They perhaps are the only people in the world who are led by the animals they shepherd to move houses.

The nomads have very little things inside their tents, so that they can move their “houses” easily.

I find it interesting to see the nomads start putting solar panels and satellite disc outside the tents, so that they can have electricity and even watch TV The combination of modern technology in the traditional Mongolian residential house.

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