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Today I had a walkabout in bazaar Ramadhan in Mega Mendung in my constituency. This is the third bazaar Ramadhan that I had distributed kurma in my constituency.

Same like other bazaar Ramadhan that I had visited, the Malay hawkers were very friendly to me. Most of them recognised me and they received my kurma happily. Some of them took photos and selfie with me.

When I passed kurma to a stall that was selling barbecued chicken, the Malay woman of the stall said loudly that DAP was her favourite party. She then showed me her DAP membership card. I asked her which branch was she from, she said she was from Balakong, she was under Eddie Ng, the DAP ADUN for Balakong.

I am happy with the reception shown by the Malay hawkers in my constituency. It is a contrast against the reception received by Liew Chin Tong in the bazaar Ramadhan in Kluang. The different receptions reflects the mentality of some Umno members /supporters. Their behaviour was not supported by Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin.


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