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A DAP leader has dismissed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) justification for not sinking its fangs into corrupt politicians before the general election.

To be credible and effective, Teresa Kok said, the commission must perform its duties without regard for such political considerations.

She was responding to MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad, who in an interview with Mingguan Malaysia, promised to act against corrupt politicians after the next general election.

He said MACC did not want to act against politicians now as it could be used as campaign fodder in GE14.

However, Kok, who is also Seputeh MP, found this reasoning to be unconvincing and unacceptable.

“Why should MACC worry about MACC arrests being used as campaign folder?

“That is not MACC’s problem and Dzukifli should let the politicians worry about the political backlash, embarrassment and attacks.

“Actually by making such a statement, he is making people wonder if MACC has faced political pressure in carrying out their work,” she said in a media statement.

Kok also noted how MACC had recently congratulated Umno on its 71st anniversary celebrations, and called on the ruling party to battle corruption.

When this drew criticism, the DAP lawmaker said Dzukifli retorted by saying there should be nothing to fear in doing the right things.

“Let’s hope that in action too, MACC will carry out their duties without fear and favour.

“MACC should not accord politicians ‘special treatment’ and must act when there is a case for it. There is no need to wait till after the general election,” she added.

MACC has been praised for its crackdown on several high-ranking civil servants.

Last week, the commission detained two district police chiefs on charges that they had received bribes from operators of illegal gambling dens and massage parlours in exchange for protection.

However, detractors continue to hurl brickbats at the commission over its investigations related to 1MDB.

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