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Following the controversy surrounding DAP assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh’s book, Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) vice-president Mujahid Yusof Rawa decided to get a copy for himself.

“Just picked up at Pos Laju Parit Buntar. I will finish reading tonite.

“Hope I am still a Muslim by tomorrow, better,” Mujahid quipped in a Twitter post, which featured him holding the book, over the weekend.

His remarks came in response to claims that the book titled ‘Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey’ contained elements of proselytisation.

Mujahid said he has since finished reading the book, and continues to be a devout Muslim.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, the Parit Buntar MP said he finished reading the book last night and found that it was similar to what he wrote in 2010, titled ‘Aren’t we all Malaysian’.

Mujahid said while he chose a different subject to illustrate his views, Yeoh, on the other hand, picked a divine theme.

“Anyone can write, based on any theme they choose.Yeoh brought the theme of God and talked about how God had helped her and so forth.

“People of all faiths can have a similar experience based on their different beliefs and interpretations of God,” he added.

‘Yeoh recorded her appreciation to God’

Mujahid said in the book, Yeoh, who is also Selangor state assembly speaker, recorded her appreciation to God.

The Amanah leader also said he found no elements of proselytisation as alleged by Universiti Utara Malaysia senior lecturer Kamarul ZamanYusoff.

Yeoh had filed a police report against the political science lecturer over his Facebook post, which had gone viral. Kamarul Zaman reciprocated by lodging a report against the Subang Jaya assemblyperson.

In his post, the lecturer accused DAP of hypocrisy, claiming that the party only sought to separate religion from politics if it involved Islam.

Kamarul Zaman also said he was surprised that Yeoh’s book contained numerous stories and quotes from the Bible.

“I think the book is trying to persuade, influence, or incite a non-Christian to convert to Christianity,” he claimed.

Arguing otherwise, Mujahid said that after reading such books, he becomes a better Muslim.


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