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Teresa Kok calls on Cabinet to state its disagreement with the MACC stand that it will only act against politicians after GE14.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should not be concerned that arresting any politician will cause political backlash and embarrass his party, said Teresa Kok.

The outspoken Seputeh MP today urged the Cabinet to unequivocally say it disagreed with the MACC‘s stand that it would only act against politicians after the general election.

She was commenting on criticism of MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad’s statement that the MACC would not act against politicians in the run-up to the 14th General Election as this could be used as campaign material, and his reply to the criticism.

In denying that the MACC was unfair and playing favourites in not taking action against politicians, Dzulkifli said, “This is not favouritism… it’s a matter of time. If we don’t take action at all, then it is favouritism. I feel that as the CC (chief commissioner) I am more knowledgeable as to when is the right time to act.”

Kok, the DAP national vice-chairperson, said it was surprising that Dzukifli had chosen to stick to his stand when it had been so obvious that his statement had not been well received.

“He should know, too, that remarks such as ‘I know when is the best timing’ or ‘I will definitely act against the corrupt’ will not convince anyone as to why there should be ‘special treatment’ for politicians.”

She said not taking immediate action against corrupt politicians was a practice of double standards.

She asked if Dzulkifli’s “sudden stand” had anything to do with the high profile arrest and prosecution of a Johor state executive councillor over land matters.

“The question is why the decision to delay action against politicians when the action against the Johor exco has enhanced MACC’s reputation?

“It should not be a concern of the MACC that an arrest of a politician will cause political backlash and embarrassment to his party.”

She said Malaysia’s corruption was at a very serious and worrying level and the MACC had to be totally committed and seen to be totally committed in combating corruption.

“I believe that Dzulkifli‘s statement has not received any expressed open support from any political party. Why should MACC worry about political problems when the political parties are not?

“Nevertheless, I call on the BN coalition and government to declare their total support for MACC’s fight against corruption.

“The Cabinet should, in fact, make a clear statement that it does not agree with MACC’s stand that they will only act against politicians after the general election,” added Kok.

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