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Today, the Vietnamese organiser of the Asia-Pacific region of the IPU seminar took all the MPs of the seminar to visit the mangrove forestry area at the Can Gino District, a coastal zone of Ho Chi Minh City. The Can Guo Mangrove Forest was recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

MPs of each country were invited to plant a mangrove tree after a simple ceremony. After that, we were brought to a Mangrove Tree Park to have lunch. The park has a display room which exhibits the animals, insects, fishes, or fauna and flora of a mangrove forest.

I must say this was a memorable visit for most of us. This visit opened my eyes about the seriousness of the Vietnamese government in protecting and planting the Mangrove Trees.

Mangrove trees can absorb highest degree of carbon dioxide compare to other trees. They play a great role in the prevention of flood and strong wind. These mangrove trees are important in the combat of climate change.

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