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Dear friends in KL, please come to this seminar, and discuss about the mess of city planning in KL now. Please bring your friends and neighbours to the forum too

One Response to “Kuala Lumpur : A World Class Mess ?”

  1. on 08 Apr 2017 at 19: 19.12 Chin

    When Draft KL City Plan 2020 first launched in Year 2008 public can search details of a particular lot of land in the Online Map via the link

    From the map one can find out the following.

    (1) The zoning of the land.
    (2) The area of the land.
    (3) The owner of the land.
    (4) The land was gazetted for what purpose.
    (5) The zoning of all surrounding areas.

    With this transparency public will know what changes have taken place on the land as compare to what was in the plan.

    Today this transparency has been removed from the public. Therefore we urge our members of parliament to request DBKL to restore this transparency while making their effort to gazette the KL City Plan 2020.