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DAP grassroots has consistently voted in Lim Kit Siang to the party’s central executive committee (CEC), which attests to his continued relevance to the party, said DAP vice-chairperson Teresa Kok.

Kok said that even at the age of 76 and after 51 years in politics, Kit Siang’s continued election to the CEC proved that he still enjoyed strong support and any suggestions otherwise was baseless.

She added that Kit Siang remains the most sought after speaker by organisers of DAP events throughout the country.

“Yesterday, Umno minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan called on Kit Siang to retire from politics, claiming there are DAP grassroots members who want a change in their party’s leadership.

“He claimed that Kit Siang should call it a day after 51 years in politics as DAP members want a more progressive and moderate leader.

“Abdul Rahman is talking rubbish as what he said is baseless and is mere Umno’s typical propaganda,” said Kok in a statement today.

She said that Kit Siang was no longer the DAP secretary general – the party’s top position which he held for 30 years and relinquished in 1999.

He is currently the party’s “parliamentary leader” although whipping duties are handled by Anthony Loke.

Instead of focusing on Kit Siang, Kok urged Abdul Rahman to persuade Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to resign instead.

“I don’t have to elaborate on why Najib should step down as Abdul Rahman and many Umno ministers should already know why Najib has been described as the worst prime minister by the people.

“I am sure if Abdul Rahman dares to make the call, he will find his call will resonate with Umno grassroots and many Malaysians,” she said.

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