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Yesterday Umno minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan called on DAP leader Lim Kit Siang to retire from politics, claiming there are DAP grassroots members who want a change in their party’s leadership.

He claimed that Kit Siang should call it a day after 51 years in politics as DAP members want a more progressive and moderate leader.

Abdul Rahman is talking rubbish as what he said is baseless and is mere Umno’s typical propaganda.

The truth is that at age 76 and having been in politics since 1969, Kit Siang is still highly respected in the Party and enjoys strong support among DAP leaders and grassroots.

Let me tell Abdul Rahman a few facts so that he will not repeat his nonsensical remarks in future about Kit Siang being an overstayed leader.

Firstly Kit Siang is not the present Secretary General (SG) of DAP. He has stepped down in 1999 and presently he is the DAP parliamentary leader. Kit Siang was the third DAP SG, former Kota Melaka MP Kerk Kim Hock was the fourth and Lim Guan Eng is the fifth.

Secondly, Kit Siang has contested in every Central Executive Council (CEC) election that is held once every 3 years and he has consistently won a CEC place with high votes. This shows his popularity with the grassroots and delegates.

Thirdly, Kit Siang is today still one of the most invited speakers at DAP Ceramahs and Dinner functions. This shows his popularity with the people.

If Abdul Rahman is a brave man, he should be call on the Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib to step down as Prime Minister and to retire from politics, instead of targeting on Kit Siang.

I don’t have to elaborate on why Najib should step down as Abdul Rahman and many Umno ministers should already know why Najib has been described as the worst Prime Minister by the people.

I am sure if Abdul Rahman dares to make the call, he will find his call will strike resonance with UMNO grassroots and many Malaysians.

The question is does he dare to risk losing his minister’s position as this is what will immediately happen to him for making the call.

Teresa Kok


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