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PARLIAMENT Opposition lawmaker Teresa Kok (DAP-Seputeh) says she is not afraid of having more Malays in her constituency, as they will love her just as BN backbencher MPs do.

“I’m not worried about Malays moving to Seputeh as the Malays who move to Seputeh will surely like me.

“Just like the (BN) backbenchers here, even though they like to argue with me, but I know they love me,” she told the House today, inciting laughter from the MPs present.

Kok was responding to Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who on Sunday was reported as saying that the DAP lawmaker was against development in her constituency, as she feared an influx of Malays.

This followed a protest she held with Seputeh residents, against the sale of a community centre to make way for an affordable housing project.

Kok said Tengku Adnan’s remarks showed he was “racist.”

She added that she was not against development, but that proper planning must be made so as not to add to congestion among others.

Kok also said that if Tengku Adnan was fond of high rise developments, he should invite developers to build in Putrajaya.

“Putrajaya has a lot of space, he can do as he like.

“Why doesn’t he ask developers wanting to build high rises to go to Putrajaya, and build next to the prime minister’s residence,” she said while debating the Agong’s royal address.

Earlier in her speech, she lashed out at those accusing her of misappropriating funds from Selangor welfare scheme Skim Mesra Usia Emas.

“I have never misappropriated any funds. Making false accusations is a sin, and (those who utter it) will go to hell,” she said.

It was not the first time the matter of divine retribution was raised in the House today.

Earlier, Nasrudin Hassan (PAS-Temerloh) warned that while sex education would curb the problem of unwanted teen pregnancies, it would not help to curb the “adultery and prostitution industry.”

“(Sex education) is not a comprehensive solution, it can solve the matter of (unwanted) pregnancies, but not the matter of sin.

“Thus this could lead to this country facing the wrath of Allah,” he said.


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