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The Resident Associations in Taman Desa and I protested against the approval of many high density projects in KL without following the land use stated in the KL Draft Plan.

Tengku Adnan failed to answer our complaint but he accused me of afraid more Malays to move to my constituency.

He is gila!! This is not my concern at all! I am concern about the traffic in KL, and the abuses by the Minister of FT and the UMNO-controlled DBKL which sacrific the welfare of the people in KL.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 12 – Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor labelled Seputeh MP Teresa Kok “crazy” today for protesting the government’s plans to provide cheaper homes in her constituency.

Tengku Adnan, whose ministry oversees development projects undertaken by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall in the national capital, was commenting on the DAP federal lawmaker’s news conference in Taman Danau Desa yesterday to highlight a proposed five block, 35-floor, 1,174-unit high-density condominium that has alarmed the neighbourhood residents’ association on the post-development traffic conditions.

“Yesterday in Seputeh, Teresa Kok was angry with us for building RumaWIP, houses that will be sold cheaply to the people. DAP got angry, is this crazy or not?” he was quoted saying by news portal Malaysian Gazette after officiating at an event in Setapak.

He urged the residents to have an “open mind” and not to be “easily duped” by the Opposition whom he panned for making pledges they could not fulfil, adding that the housing proposal was one of the redevelopment projects undertaken by the government to provide the people with cheaper homes in the city.

“I feel she is a little crazy, I don’t understand because we have a programme in which we will develop abandoned homes and areas that in our view are no longer used by the people,” he was quoted saying.

According to the news report, each unit under the RumaWIP programme will be priced at between RM188,000 and RM245,000.

Tengku Adnan reportedly said he did not reject the possibility that Kok had ulterior racial motives for protesting the housing project, which he said will help increase the Malay population and lead to a more multiracial demography in the area.

“She probably thinks a bigger Malay demography in Seputeh is a fearful thing, she has a bad brain but what we implement is for all regardless whether Chinese or Indian.

“But this is the Opposition’s problem, they can’t do it, so they are envious and will do all sorts,” he was quoted saying, without elaborating.

The Umno secretary-general was also reported to have weighed in on a ruckus that erupted in Taman Desa yesterday when several people confronted Kok and accused her of being disrespectful by holding a news conference across the road from a community service centre where a Malay wedding was taking place.

“What happened yesterday, why make noise where people are getting married, don’t do that,” he was quoted saying.




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