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KUALA LUMPUR: “I am not crazy, I know what I’m doing.”

This was Teresa Kok’s response to Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Mansor who had lashed out at her for staging a protest against plans to initiate the Federal Territories Affordable Housing scheme (Rumawip) in Taman Desa, which is under her Seputeh parliamentary constituency, on Saturday.

A group had also lashed out at her for disturbing a wedding near where Kok’s protest and press conference was held.

“We were not there to disturb any function, we were just there to protest the development.

“Why would anyone accuse me of disturbing a wedding ceremony. I’m not crazy, I know what I’m doing,” Kok said at the Dewan Rakyat lobby.

The DAP leader said she was objecting to the project as it was a high rise and would cause congestion in the area.

Kok said several social media websites had also accused her of disturbing a wedding that took place at the Seputeh Umno building.

“We were protesting about the project because the location for the construction of the apartment was supposed to be a community centre,” Kok said blaming DBKL for giving such approval to the developer.

She also pointed out that the area where she held her gathering and a press conference was supposed to be a public area but it is now being used as the Seputeh Umno building.

She said DBKL was supposed to organise a hearing on March 27 but an advertisement on the project has already been put up with some buyers paying booking fees.

Kok claimed Tengku Adnan and DBKL had approved the construction of a high-rise building on land that had been meant to be used as community areas.

She said the development is not listed in the Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan and said those responsible should follow the draft plan.

“The way he (Tengku Adnan) is doing it now, he is just approving whatever project that comes to him and as a result, the traffic jam will become more serious,” Kok said.

She added Tengku Adnan will make the capital city a “mad place”.

Kok also denied claims that she was opposing the project due to fears that the Seputeh area will have more Malays as claimed by Tengku Adnan.

“How would I know who comes in? Besides, I’m not concerned if more Malays come in.”

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