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Archive for February 25th, 2017

Christians raise concerns over pastor’s disappearance

COMMENT | Coming in the wake of the hudud bill tabled before Parliament, the mysterious disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh have raised concerns among the minority Christians in Malaysia. The first foreign agency to respond to the news was ‘Voice of Persecuted Christians’, known under its portal name as Release International. It claimed Koh’s abduction was because of his church work.

Hadi’s bill against Islam, says ex-Jakim expert

PETALING JAYA: A shariah expert who served as consultant researcher and fatwa writer to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) has taken PAS to task over its plan to introduce heavier penalties for shariah offences, saying it is nothing more than a “political product” to capture the Muslim vote.   Nurul Haq Shahrir, who […]