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In response to former prime minister Tun Mahathir’s posting entitled “Associating With Thieves”, MCA secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan has reminded Mahathir that the party was loyal and stood by him while he was in power.

While Ong Ka Chuan is right in saying that MCA has supported BN and Mahathir through thick and thin, he has failed to respond the real issues raised by Mahathir.

By saying that MCA supported Mahathir through thick and thin, is Ong saying that Mahathir should therefore show gratitude and refrain from attacking MCA?

Does Ka Chuan realise that by using this “ we supported you through thick and thin” without addressing the issues now mentioned by Mahathir, he is only telling the whole world that MCA only believes and practices blind loyalty?

And that MCA has actually been loyal to Mahathir and now Najib merely because it has to be loyal to the leader in power?

Instead of using the line “ that we supported you through thick and thin”, MCA should provide response and answers to the issues raised by Mahathir , especially the following issues:-

1. Why is MCA working together with a known kleptocrat who has stolen billions of Ringgit? Is MCA not aware that under Najib Malaysia has been classified as one of the ten most corrupt country in the world?

2. The American Dept. of Justice has reported that Najib, who is Malaysian Official 1 (as confirmed by Cabinet Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan), has stolen billions of Ringgit of the Malaysian people’s money, and 2.6 billion Ringgit of this is in Najib’s personal bank account.

3. Now Najib considers the contest is between UMNO and DAP. This means Najib believes in racism because to him Malaysian politics is about Malays versus Chinese. Towards that end he has redrawn constitutional boundaries to separate Malays from Chinese.

Mahathir has made fierce criticisms against MCA and MCA must not try to run away from the real issues.

Will MCA have the courage to respond to Mahathir who has described MCA as an appendage of Umno? What can be more insulting than this for MCA, coming from the longest serving Umno president?

Nevertheless, I believe that MCA will continue to attack DAP and Mahathir. It will also continue to support Najib through thick and thin simply because MCA’s art of survival is to always support the BN leader in power.


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