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PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is casting its net wider in its crackdown against corrupt Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers.

The New Straits Times reported that the anti-graft body was expected to call up at least 30 more officers of the local council, who were believed to have been working in cahoots with the “Datuk Seri” recently nabbed for graft.

MACC investigation director Azam Baki told the daily that the officers, of various ranks, were believed to have been “milking” housing developers forced to deal with City Hall for various approvals, to get “free” condominium units, which were later sold at higher prices.

“Our investigations revealed that no less than 30 City Hall officers obtained condominium units through corrupt ways, without making any advance payments,” he said, adding that the units acquired, just by signing sales and purchase (S&P) agreements without any monetary transactions, would be sold at market value once the project was completed.

Some of the officers who would be called in soon had been bold enough to contact housing developers to ask for similar deals as their “boss”, despite them not having any working connection with the developers at all, he said.

Azam added that “rogue” housing developers who dealt with these corrupt City Hall officers would also face the music.

The “Datuk Seri” was one of three senior civil servants nabbed by the MACC last week, for alleged graft. Millions of ringgit in cash and valuables were seized following their arrests.

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